Pros and Cons of Vessel Vanity Sinks for the Home

Families having a new home built or renovating the bathrooms in an existing home must make some important decisions about bathroom vanities and sinks in addition to the style of bathtub and shower to use.

There are also choices of toilets with some modern improvements. It is important to choose all the appliances and fixtures for a bathroom that work well together aesthetically and in operation.

The Bathroom Sink Choice

When a bathroom is being installed, there are several types of sinks to consider.

  • Under-mount sink
  • Drop-in sink
  • Vessel sink
  • Trough sink

No matter which sink is chosen, it will perform from a practical standpoint. The question is which style of the sink will provide the look the homeowner wants and fit current bathroom style trends.

Right now, vessel sinks are very popular. Before choosing this type of sink, the homeowner can find out all about vessel sinks by checking online sites such as unique Vanities. Vessel sinks have both good points and bad points to consider.

After checking out the facts about vessel sinks, it will be fun to look at the beautiful and varied choices of these sinks available. The homeowner can go with a basic white classic vessel sink, or they can choose a stone, metal, glass, or artist-created porcelain sink.

In addition to a wide range of sink materials, there are many choices of style, shape, and size of vessel sinks. Some vessel sinks have rounded bottoms and others have flat bottoms.

What is a Vessel Sink?

Pros and Cons of Vessel Vanity Sinks

A vessel sink can also b called a bowl sink. Vessel sinks are free-standing sinks that sit right on the vanity top. It can also be mounted on other furniture such as tables or dressers that may be used in the bathroom. These sinks work like a conventional sink and add a decorative element to the bathroom.

Though this is a modern trend, the vessel sink has a long history. The first vessel sinks were probably hollowed-out stones or other materials placed on top of a convenient surface for easier access.

This was in the Stone Age when running water and indoor plumbing were not yet invented. The sink would have been filled and emptied by hand.

Much later, sinks were made of metal and mounted as drop-in or under-mount sinks in wood structures. These were the forerunners of modern under-mount and drop-in sinks.

The Pros or Advantages of Vessel Sinks

There are enough advantages of vessel sinks to make them worth considering.

  • A touch of style comes with every vessel sink. They are in style and unique. Homeowners can find them in many types of materials and shapes.
  • This is a sink that is easy to install since all it requires is cutting a hole in the vanity top and run the drain through it. Then, the faucets require an additional hole behind the sink in the vanity top. The plumbing installation is easier.
  • When the sink is mounted on the vanity top, more counter space is available.
  • Having the vessel sink mounted on the top of the counter allows people to use a variety of furniture as a vanity from an antique dresser to a table or shelf. They also work for small bathrooms that need a vanity that is narrower to save space.

Disadvantages of Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks do have a few downsides to consider.

  • Vessel sinks could be a passing fad that will need replacing in a few years. Most design experts do not agree with this and see these sinks as being popular for the foreseeable future because of their advantages.
  • Cleaning might be an issue worth considering. Water and dirt can accumulate between the vessel and the countertop. Careful choosing of the shape can make this less of an issue.
  • Durability can be an issue when the edge is exposed to the possibility of damage or cracks in a family bathroom. This rarely happens.
  • Vessel sinks require special faucets that are tall enough to clear the sink edges and have water fall into the sink bowl.
  • Since the sink rises above the vanity top, consideration must be made as to the proper height of the vanity top so the sink is easy to use.

Trough Sinks Are Gaining Popularity

Trough sinks are gaining in popularity because of their practicality and sleek looks. A trough sink is a larger single basin sink that can accommodate two or more people with separate faucets.

They are modern and efficient sinks that are larger than other types of sinks. They are not wider but kind of long and narrow, which makes them good for small bathrooms.

They sit on top of a vanity like a vessel sink with the advantage of easy installation and a single drain. Trough sinks often take up the whole vanity top in a smaller bathroom.

The lack of counter space is made up for in the possibility of far more under counter storage. Style-wise, these sinks are great for a modern look or a farmhouse look. They can also look industrial.

All Sink Types Have Uses

The homeowner may want a basic traditional bathroom and choose a basic white porcelain under-mount or drop-in sink or sinks. These are the workhorse of the bath industry. They are inexpensive, practical, and durable.

They also allow for more countertop space to be available to the user and can also be easier to keep clean. They offer clean lines and durability for family bathrooms getting hard use day after day.

Vessel sinks offer a chance at a more striking design for a bathroom. They also offer more choices of materials, shapes, and sizes. Vessel sinks can be mounted on any cabinet that has the correct height and depth to hold the sink and separate faucets.

The base must be strong enough to hold the sink. Does it have a top that will work as a vanity top with the water spillage? It might be better to get a custom countertop made and installed.

Cost-wise, the sinks have a range of price points depending on the quality, material, and size of the sink. The less exciting drop-in or under-mount sinks cost less for budget-minded homeowners.

The homeowners who like vessel sinks feel they are worth the extra investment. But, each homeowner should consider the whole bathroom style when they are choosing the type of sink to purchase.

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