7 Raised Ranch Basement Ideas for Basement Remodeling Project

GripElements.com – Raised ranch houses were popular in the 1970s. However, now they look outdated among modern homes. As a homeowner of a raised ranch house, you can do many things to get rid of this look. For example, you can adopt raised ranch basement ideas to improve the basement look.

Remodeling your whole house takes up lots of money, energy, and time. Therefore, you had better do it one step at a time, for example, remodeling your raised ranch basement after remodeling the other rooms in the house.

Most raised ranch basements have small windows because they are half in the ground and another half at the upper ground.

Moreover, homeowners usually transformed them into functional finished basements, such as playrooms, home theaters, and bedrooms.

To make these functional spaces look attractive, you can adopt one of these raised ranch basement ideas.

1. Elegant and Comfy Raised Ranch Basement

raised ranch basement remodel

It is common for a raised ranch basement to have an open-concept floor plan. Those who plan to have this floor plan in their raised ranch basements can adopt the elegant and comfy basement idea above.

This basement features dark wood flooring and several dark furniture pieces which add elegance to the room. In addition, it features a set of cream sofas and a plush rug. Therefore, the basement also has a comfy look.

2. Sunny Family Room in the Basement

raised ranch basement apartment

Basements are not always dark and windowless. This raised ranch basement, for example, is sunny and bright.

It gets abundant sunlight from the windows. Therefore, the owner places several potted plants in it. This basement also looks more welcoming with the combination of the sectional, the ottoman table, and the rug.

3. Chic and Comfy Raised Ranch Basement Lounge

raised ranch basement

Those who look for chic and comfy raised ranch basement ideas can apply this basement lounge idea. This lounge looks attractive and chic with its brick wall, slightly rustic wood flooring, and beautiful furniture.

4. Open Plan Raised Ranch Basement

raised ranch backyard ideas

Many raised ranch finished basement ideas come with an open floor plan. One of them is this basement. It features a sitting area, a study corner, a bar, and a gym. This functional basement looks ordinary but the big wood log table in the sitting area is very eye-catching.

5. Modern Minimalist Media Room in a Raised Ranch Basement

high ranch basement ideas

Some raised ranch houses have smaller basements. If you have it too, you can design it in a modern minimalist design similar to the idea above.

This basement design idea can minimize the visual clutter of the room thanks to the gray sectional that matches the gray wall.

6. Rustic Basement Bedroom

does a raised ranch have a basement

A basement bedroom is as cozy as those on the ground floor or first floor if you adopt the bedroom idea above. This bedroom looks attractive with its rustic look. Moreover, it looks extra comfortable with the cozy bed and warm color tone.

7. Warm and Cozy Bedroom Basement

raised ranch finished basement ideas

Do you like reading in the bedroom? If you do, this basement bedroom is a perfect idea for you. It has large built-in shelves where you can put your books in it. In addition, the electric fireplace and plush thick bed make the bedroom warm and cozy.

The seven raised ranch basement ideas above can transform your old raised ranch basement effectively. They are suitable for various interior styles. Moreover, they are also suitable for basements of various sizes.

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