Reasons to Move to Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Planning a big move can be stressful. People face difficult decisions when looking to move to a new area. Are there professional opportunities in this new place? Will they be able to find a home or living situation that suits their family’s needs? Will the neighborhood be a great place with a community feel? Are there amenities nearby that can support the lifestyle they want?

For those who live in the United States or Canada, there are thousands and thousands of communities to choose from for their next place of residence. One town that should be considered is Kawartha Lakes, Ontario in Canada.

This is an up-and-coming city that is steadily growing in terms of economy and population, though there are still less than 100,000 people who call Kawartha Lakes home, so those who dislike big cities will feel comfortable. Here are a few reasons why you should consider moving to this gorgeous area in the southern tip of Ontario.

Much Cheaper Housing Than Toronto

Reasons to Move to Kawartha Lakes

Nearby Toronto is one of the biggest cities in the country and is home to several million residents. Maybe you want to live in a part of Canada that is just a short distance from this large metropolitan area, but the housing prices near the city are simply out of reach.

Fortunately, Kawartha Lakes is only an hour and a half’s drive from this central hub, and the prices of homes are much more affordable. Additionally, many new homes have been built in recent years in this community, so there are plenty of properties to choose from that are rather new. If you would rather have complete control over customization, it is still cheaper to work with a custom home builder in this area than in Toronto.

Natural Backdrop

Kawartha Lakes features over 250 lakes and 600 kilometers of scenic trails. That is an opportunity to connect with nature that you just cannot get in a big city like Toronto. With more room to spread out, and a beautiful landscape to explore, you will never feel claustrophobic in this community.

If you lived in the city, then you would be hard-pressed to grow plants in an urban setting. However, with access to a larger yard and less noise pollution, you can create a natural paradise both inside and outside of your home. When you step outside your front door, you can access the trails, lakes, forests, and wilderness that are available to you every day in Kawartha Lakes.

City Amenities in a Small Town Setting

City Amenities in a Small Town Setting

Maybe you do crave the busyness of an urban environment, but places like Toronto are a bit too large for your tastes. Just because Kawartha Lakes is smaller does not mean that it is completely slow and empty. There is plenty to love about the various towns in this community, such as the downtown area of Lindsay.

A growing industry for restaurants and craft breweries is developing which makes for an increasing number of great dining options. Additionally, there are some important museums, art galleries, and live theater shows that are enough to provide entertainment throughout the year for residents and visitors alike.

A Home for Entrepreneurs

Many young professionals with big dreams of owning their businesses may flock to places like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, and other big cities for the opportunities there.

These markets are jam-packed with competition, often making it much harder to be successful in a particular industry, even if the resources and networks are there. In the past twenty years, Kawartha Lakes has become a haven for professionals of all ages, especially those with dreams of business ownership.

This relaxing community has seen a rapid increase in the number of new businesses recently, and when you combine entrepreneurship with raising a family, few better communities in the country will work for both.

Plus, you are only an hour or so outside of the greater Toronto area, the best city to start a business in the country, so you can still dream of big-city expansion in the future without having to go too far.

Combine Landscape, Relaxation, and Convenience in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Combine Landscape, Relaxation, and Convenience

Finding the right place to move to is all about balance. Very few places will match every item on your wishlist perfectly. That is part of the adventure of moving to a new place.

Kawartha Lakes offers so much to residents, from a beautiful landscape connected by many natural bodies of water to a relaxing small-town feel with access to city resources. People from all walks of life have found a home in this community, and the growth that has been happening in the last few decades has continued to improve the area.

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