4 Simple Reasons Why Tiled Roofs Should Not Be Placed On Every House

If you’re thinking of replacing your roofing or are in the process of building a new home, you’ve probably encountered a lot of online articles that heavily favored tiled roofs for virtually any house.

While there are many benefits to tiled roofs, such as their durability and the fact that they can last for decades with the right maintenance, it might not be the best option for you.

In fact, there are 4 simple reasons why tiled roofs would be the wrong option in some instances that you might want to keep in mind.

1. Unsuitable Roof Slope

Tiled roofs are generally only recommended with roofs that have a pretty sharp slope. If your roof has a pitch that’s less than 4/12 degrees, it’s not recommended to install a tiled roof as it can lead to leaks and other problems.

However, the best way to determine which material is best suited for your roof, as the roofers at truegritkc.com explain, is to have a consultation with licensed inspectors.

They can help you not only assess your roof’s slope and suitability for a tiled roof but also help recommend the best course of action for your specific home.

If your home has a flat roof, a much better option would be a concrete or a membrane roof.

2. Unnecessary Expense


As mentioned earlier, tiled roofs are very durable. When installed correctly, they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and last for decades.

However, this doesn’t come cheap. One of the biggest cons of tiled roofs is that they can be up to 4 times more expensive than other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles.

Even when your budget has some breathing room, there’s simply no need to invest more than you need. The extra expense could be put to better use in other areas of your home like insulation or windows.

This is especially true nowadays when there are so many different materials that can offer most of the benefits as a tiled roof but at a fraction of the cost.

While tiled roofs are usually praised because they allow your house to breathe – making it easier to avoid mold and mildew – they can also raise your energy bills as your home struggles to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This can be fixed with extra insulation added to your attic, but that’s just more expenses for your budget that can be easily avoided by opting for a different kind of roofing.

3. Structural Issues

Tile roofs are also a lot heavier than other roofing materials, which can cause structural problems in your home if not properly taken into account during construction.

Again, if there’s no real need for them, opting for a tiled roof can mean that you need to invest more money in making sure the house structure can withstand the extra weight.

A clay tile roof can put up to 2000 pounds per square foot on your roof, whereas an asphalt shingle roof usually weighs in at around 700 pounds per square foot.

Obviously, this is a pretty hefty difference which would have to be compensated for if your home is not built to accommodate it.

4. Aesthetics

Why Tiled Roofs Should Not Be Placed On Every House

Finally, tiled roofs simply don’t fit into every aesthetic. If you’re going for a classical victorian or Tudor look, a tiled roof will be the perfect addition.

However, if your home has a more modern or minimalist design, it might not be the best choice. Modern and contemporary architecture is all about clean, toned-down lines with as little fuss as possible.

Metal and concrete are popular materials for a modern roof and can be just as durable (if not more so) than a tiled roof.

Putting a tiled roof on a contemporary house would be like putting lace curtains in a modern-style loft – it’s just not the right fit.

While lovely in the right context, a tiled roof on a contemporary house simply looks outdated and too traditional.

If the style you’re going for falls somewhere in between new and traditional, and you’d like to hint at previous eras without going all out, you can look into materials such as slate tiles, which have a more timeless look about them.

While tiled roofs have many benefits, they’re not always the best option for every home. If you’re considering a tiled roof, be sure to take into account your roof’s slope, expense, weight, and aesthetics to see if it’s really the best choice for you.

There are many other materials on the market that can offer most of the benefits of a tiled roof without all of the extra hassle and expense.

So before you make your final decision, be sure to do your research and see what’s right for your home.

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