7 Round Coffee Table Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Having round coffee tables is rather popular lately. People choose these tables because they soften edges and hard lines in their living room. These tables also allow them to move freely around the room. However, you must apply one of these round coffee table décor ideas to improve their looks.

Vases, potted plants, flowers, and jars are several objects you can use to decorate your round coffee tables. However, you must arrange them beautifully on this table to create an attractive look. In arranging these objects, you can apply one of the ideas below.

1. Monochrome Coffee Table Décor with A Vase Full of Dried Pampas Grass

Monochrome Coffee Table Décor

Some people love round coffee table décor ideas with monochrome decoration. They like these décor ideas because they suit their minimalist modern living room design.

An example of these décor ideas is the beige coffee table above. This table has decorations in similar shades. Some of the decorations are a white vase full of dried pampas grass, white books, and wooden ornaments.

2. Tray and Potted Plants Coffee Table Decoration

Round Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Round coffee table tray decor ideas can create a better-looking table. As seen in the picture above, the black coffee table offers a beautiful contrast against the rectangular wicker tray. In addition, this décor idea is simple. The tray only has a potted plant, an empty vase, and books.

3. Fall Coffee Table Decoration with Metallic Ginger Jars

Fall Coffee Table Decoration

You must change your coffee table decoration regularly to keep it attractive. In the fall, for example, you can apply one of the fall round coffee table decoration ideas. A fall decoration idea for a coffee table may look like the decoration idea above.

That coffee table has a vase full of fall-colored flowers. Moreover, it has maple leaf ornaments and a plate full of fall-related objects. The most attractive items on this coffee table are metallic ginger jars.

4. Round Swivel Coffee Table Decoration Idea

Round Swivel Coffee Table Decoration Idea

Those who want to have a round coffee table in a smaller living room can opt to have this glass round swivel coffee table. This table is relatively small, but it offers a larger surface.

In addition, it is attractive and unique. You can make it even more unique by placing stylish candle holders with unique-colored candles, books, and some artistic items.

5. Rustic Round Coffee Table Decoration

Rustic Round Coffee Table Decoration

Rustic round coffee table décor ideas never fail in creating a charming living room. The rustic coffee table idea in the picture above is one of them.

This round coffee table has eye-catching details. Therefore, the owner only places a few ornaments to improve its look. Some of these items are a large macrame vase and a pedestal bowl full of decorative items.

6. Bright-Colored Decoration on Dark Coffee Table

Bright-Colored Decoration

Creating a contrast between the round coffee table and its decoration is a simple way to make the sitting area more eye-catching.

As you see in the image above, the combination of the dark coffee table with a white vase, a white ceramic tray, and white books is attracting attention.

7. Lovely Round Coffee Table Décor Idea

Lovely Round Coffee Table Décor Idea

This round coffee table idea is ideal for you who want a lovely decorated coffee table. The decoration idea features chic decorative items, such as aromatic candles, vases of flowers, candle holders, and a basket. These items look wonderful placed together on a round coffee table.

Some round coffee table décor ideas feature many decorative items. However, others feature fewer items. The former is great for larger coffee tables, but the latter is ideal for smaller coffee tables. Therefore, you must consider the size of your coffee table when choosing the decoration idea so it suits the table.

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