9 Inspiring Rustic Wainscoting Ideas to Add a Flair to Your House

A basic building can turn into a charming one with the best rustic wainscoting ideas. Indeed, rustic wainscoting is that powerful. Regardless of the style you apply throughout your home, rustic wainscoting can add a flair to it.

Below, we listed 9 wainscoting ideas to show you how good it looks.

1. In the Dining Room

simple wainscoting on the walls

Don’t let your dining room just be an ordinary dining room. Add a rustic wainscoting to it and make it extraordinary. A simple wainscoting on the walls can complement the overall décor of the dining room.

It provides a fitting background, allowing the table and chairs to shine and make a statement.

2. In the Living Room

living room with rustic wainscoting

A living room with rustic wainscoting ideas looks absolutely stunning. Not only does it bring warmth to the space, but the wainscoting also makes it more visually appealing. It keeps things balanced as well. Even if your living room isn’t rustic, the wainscoting will add a flair to it.

3. In the Bathroom

wainscoting to add it to the bathroom

The next idea on our rustic wainscoting ideas is to add it to the bathroom. The bathroom, like any other part of the house, needs to be styled, too. The good news is, it doesn’t take much to make it more appealing. A rustic wainscoting will do the job just fine.

4. Along the Staircase

Go for a rustic wainscoting

Go for a rustic wainscoting that goes along the stairs and makes it more interesting. It separates the staircase from the rest of the room, turning it into a visual cue that is pleasant to the eye.

5. Makeshift Gallery

The wainscoting adds texture

Do you have a spot where you hang your favorite paintings or artworks? If you do, among the best rustic wainscoting ideas is to install a wainscoting underneath it. The wainscoting adds texture, makes the makeshift gallery more intriguing, and hard to miss.

6. Behind the Sink

adding a rustic wainscoting

If the wall behind your sink is empty, we suggest adding a rustic wainscoting to it. The wainscoting will prevent the space from looking dull. In addition, it serves as a contrasting background that balances other parts. Balance is always nice.

7. Around the Reading Nook

reading nook more inviting with a rustic wainscoting

Make your reading nook more inviting with a rustic wainscoting. Granted, your reading nook might not be on top of your styling priority like your living room. Still, styling the space will make you want to sit and spend some time in it.

8. Welcoming Entryway

rustic wainscoting ideas

You can make your guests feel more welcome with a rustic wainscoting in the entryway. One of the best rustic wainscoting ideas for the entryway is to go with neutral colors. A white rustic wainscoting, for example, makes your guests feel more welcomed without being visually overwhelming.

9. Extra Storage

wainscoting for extra storage

A rustic wainscoting is not just about looks. Sure, it makes the space more appealing, but it can be used for other purposes, too. For example, you can add a shelf and some hooks to your wainscoting for extra storage.

So, which rustic wainscoting ideas do you like the most? Whichever they are, rustic wainscoting can be an excellent addition to your house. It adds a flair and better yet, works with just about any style. Rustic wainscoting doesn’t take much, either. Just a simple tweak is enough to transform the space.

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