8 Best Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

Sage green has gained popularity as a warm-tone color. It is applied to the interior and exterior, especially a bedroom.

In case you want to decorate your bedroom with this color, here are some best sage green bedroom ideas that you might be interested in.

The Best Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

1. Neutral sage green theme

Neutral sage green theme

The theme fits the minimalism concept since the sage green is neutral. The tone is warm with the ix of white and wood colors.

The main sage green color is for the wall and the pattern of bed sheets and rugs. This combination suits the preference of a person who doesn’t like bold colors in the bedroom.

2. Classic industrial

Classic industrial bedroom

This classic industrial look is a favorite design by many homeowners because it is simple. The bedroom has a metal frame with a hanging lamp above the bed. The sage green is the color of the wall, door frame, and window frame.

3. Sage and white

Sage and white bedroom

Sage and white combination is a popular style of sage green bedroom ideas. This combination invites warm nuance to the bedroom and you will feel calm when you rest. Usually, the shade of the wall uses these two colors. The rest of the furniture is sage green in shades and white.

4. Boho chic

Boho chic bedroom

Boho chic can be applied in sage green bedrooms since this style is more into appliances and decoration in the space. The vibe comes from the hanging lamp and other stuff such as the paintings, wallpapers, rugs, and the dresser.

5. Light sage green

Light sage green

The light sage green is a good choice because it will give a vibrant atmosphere to the bedroom. You can apply the color on the wall, bed sheet, and wardrobe.

You can mix this color with white shade and cream. You may have to adjust the lighting if you want a such dim light at night.

6. Industrial sage green

Industrial sage green

Industrial sage green is the theme for the bedroom with a simple metal-framed bed. The sage green is only for the bed, meanwhile, other parts of the bedroom have dark color combinations since it is an industrial concept.

You ought to have more than one sage green bedsheet or this style.

7. Minimalist sage green bedroom

Minimalist sage green bedroom

A minimalist sage green bedroom is very popular for a house with a minimalist concept. It doesn’t have a lot of stuff in the space, but the elements in the room consist of sage green color shades. The wall, door, bed, and curtain have a sage green color.

8. Shabby chic green

sage green bedroom ideas

This is a cute concept because the sage green color in the bedroom is combined with other colors such as pink, white, and other green shades.

It creates a chilling and cute look for your rest space. The domination of sage green is on the appliances, not the wall and floor.

The sage green bedroom ideas above are the best inspiration that you can apply to your bedroom. Sage green is a color that is vibrant yet calming for you to stay relaxed in the room. It improves your sleeping quality as well.

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