Sakura Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Cherry blossoms, also known as Sakura, are the iconic flowers commonly linked to the Japanese culture. These tiny flowers come in white and pink hues and typically bloom in the spring. Do you want to know Sakura flower meaning and symbolism? Let’s get a closer look.

Sakura Flower Symbolism

Sakura flower meaning

Sakura is a flower with short life—it blooms only for a couple of weeks in the spring each year. Their flowers are fragrant and available in range of color from pink to white. Due to their short-lived nature, cherry blossoms symbolize rebirth, renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

Besides, the Sakura season coincides with school graduations in Japan, so it symbolizes new beginnings. Cherry blossoms are highly appreciated by the samurai. The warriors believe that a fallen Sakura symbolizes the end of their life.

Different meanings of cherry blossoms are also affected by color variety, in which white Sakura and pink Sakura have different symbolism. In fact, the color symbolism of Sakura is relatively similar to other flowers with similar colors.

Pink Sakura Meaning

Pink Sakura Meaning

Pink Sakura flower meaning is often associated with romance, love, affection, and femininity. Pink blooms also symbolize friendship and family relationship, not surprisingly there is Sakura viewing tradition where all families gather under the tree to appreciate its beauty.

In Japanese culture, pink cherry blossoms are sometimes linked to good health. That said, you don’t typically send a bunch of pink Sakura to the sick one. Instead, you can send a cake with Sakura ornament or anything with pink cherry blossoms on it.

During the samurai period, pink Sakura symbolizes masculinity. Despite the pink color that represents femininity these days, the samurai warriors consider cherry blossoms are the symbol of transient of life.

White Sakura Meaning

White Sakura Meaning

Sakura flower meaning is similar to most white flowers. White blooms typically symbolize purity in many cultures, no matter flower species. In Western culture, white flowers represent innocence and purity, which explains why it is often used in weddings and marriage ceremonies.

But when it comes to cherry blossoms, white Sakura flower meaning is associated with rebirth and renewal. White Sakura also reflects hope in life, trust, and elegance. The color also symbolizes maturity and simplicity.

In eastern culture, white blooms are linked to death and they are often found in funeral or traditional mourning. Meanwhile, cherry blossoms represent temporary life.

Sakura Meaning in China

Sakura Meaning in China

Chinese culture believes that cherry blossoms symbolize love and femininity. The blooms are associated with the beauty of women and sometimes are linked to women’s ability to dominate only with their beauty and appearance.

Sakura is also considered to represent sexuality in Chinese. The people of China believe that the petals of Sakura can induce love because the flowers represent the goddess of love and fertility. This Sakura flower meaning has been held by Chinese culture for centuries.

Sakura Symbolism in South Korea

Sakura Symbolism in South Korea

Cherry blossoms can also be found in South Korea. Even Korean people have a special Sakura festival known as the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival. However, these festivals are controversial because of the tense relationship between South Korea and Japan.

According to the Korean culture, cherry blossoms symbolize simplicity and purity. The blooms also mean beauty in Korea because of their beautiful appearance. Surprisingly, Sakura is often utilized in traditional Korean art.

While some cultures consider cherry blossom represent rebirth and renewal, Korean culture associates these flowers with youth. When something is young, it looks beautiful and captivating just like Sakura flowers.

Sakura Meaning in Hanakatoba

Sakura Meaning in Hanakatoba

Hanakatoba means flower language in Japanese. It learns the language of different flowers to understand what kind of messages and meanings that will be conveyed by particular flowers. In other places it is known as floriography.

Cherry blossoms come in various meanings in hanakatoba. For instance, it refers to gentleness and kindness. When it comes to message, it helps you communicate that someone is beautiful or has a beautiful soul. That’s how you can appreciate the nature.

In hanakatoba, cherry blossoms are also seen as the symbol of mortality. It also reflects the nature of transient life.

Cherry blossoms are closely related to the Japanese culture. Sakura flower symbolizes beauty, purity, elegance, and even sexuality. Sakura flower meaning varies depending on the culture that gives meaning to it.

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