9 Scandinavian Floor Lamps to Style Up the Room

Are you seeking the right floor lamp to complement your Scandinavian room? There is a plethora of Scandinavian floor lamps that vary in design, shape, and material to meet the specific needs of your interior. If you need some inspiration, take a closer look at these ideas for further reference.

1. Tripod Nordic Lamp with White Shade

Tripod Nordic Lamp with White Shade

This is a modern classic floor lamp to level up your living room or bedroom. Designed with three crisscross wooden legs, it offers ultimate stability though it may take more floor space. Paired with a white shade, this light fixture is ideal for modern, minimalist, Nordic, or contemporary interior style.

2. Modern Wooden Lamp with X Legs

Modern Wooden Lamp with X Legs

Make your modern living room perfect with one of these modern Scandinavian floor lamps. Featuring X-shaped wooden legs, it doesn’t consume a lot of horizontal space while maintaining stability. This is an ideal choice for urban houses with narrow spaces.

3. Aesthetic Scandinavian Lamp with Large Base

Scandinavian Floor Lamps

If you prefer a vintage style, this is one of the traditional Scandinavian floor lamps made just for you. A strong touch of classic comes from the wooden tube that is designed with a large base for better support. Not only that, it also has a warm-toned fabric lamp shade that accentuates the classic style.

4. Whirled Wooden Floor Lamp

Whirled Wooden Floor Lamp

An ultimately aesthetic Scandinavian floor lamp is right here. A whirled wooden leg with a square base adds an artistic touch to the given space while the off-white fabric shade works perfectly to set your daily mood.

5. Black Nordic Lamp with Thin Tube

Black Nordic Lamp with Thin Tube

It seems a good idea to put this black floor lamp in your Nordic bedroom or living room. An all-black design from the base to the tube and shade contrasts with the white walls. This floor lamp can be a great option if you wish to add a flair of industrial.

6. Perfect Pair of Gold and White

Perfect Pair of Gold and White

The combination of white and gold color palettes in these Scandinavian floor lamps makes it perfect for your space. The large lampshade promises better illumination to its surroundings while the lean gold tube adds a touch of glam.

7. Two-Legged Wooden Floor Lamp

Two-Legged Wooden Floor Lamp

This light fixture can be an ideal choice for your wooden floor.  Made of unstained wood, it adds a focal point to your space. What’s unique, it has a customized wooden lampshade that looks artistic.

8. Towering Floor Lamp with Decorative Shade

Towering Floor Lamp with Decorative Shade

If you are looking for a Nordic floor lamp for a kid’s bedroom, this decorative light fixture has you covered. An eye-catching dinosaur lampshade represents the theme while the black thin tube styles up your interior.

9. Artistic Floor Lamp with Table

Artistic Floor Lamp with Table

Show off your inner artist with this whimsy floor lamp. Instead of being designed with a lampshade, it has a small round table that allows you to put collectibles, accessories, or knick-knacks.

Finding a matching lamp for your Scandinavian interior isn’t a difficult task, thanks to the tons of choices available on the market. From classic wooden Scandinavian floor lamps to modern light fixtures, you can always find one that meets your needs.

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