7 Cozy Scandinavian Reading Nooks for Tranquil Reading

Scandinavian reading nooks work perfectly to create a tranquil and calm ambiance. Paired with comfy reading chair and artistic lighting, it becomes a minimalist place not only to enjoy your books but also get inspiration.

Take a look at handpicked Nordic reading nook ideas below.

1. Small Reading Nook with Armchair and Stool

Small Reading Nook with Armchair and Stool

A comfortable chair is a must when you are designing a reading nook. Paired with stools, it allows you to experience the perfect moment of enjoying a good book. Despite the small space, this design idea is outstanding with a small round table and wall-mounting book storage.

To meet the concept of Scandinavian, it is important to keep the color subtle and minimalist. Make sure the key elements are in monochromatic color schemes.

2. Kids-friendly Nordic Reading Nook with Padded Seating

Kids-friendly Nordic Reading Nook

Developing a reading habit for your kiddos is good. If you want to boost their mood and keep them motivated, use these Scandinavian reading nooks ideas as your source of inspiration. It mainly features a padded lounge with cushions that ensure their comfort while reading.

The design looks cozy and calm with white color scheme. To keep the reading space organized, you can install wall shelving on either side.

3. Large Glass Window for Natural Light

Large Glass Window for Natural Light

Lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring your reading comfort. Place your reading chair next to a large glass window that will become a great source of natural light at day, allowing you to save energy. These Scandinavian reading nooks ideas look simple, minimalist, and easy to make.

4. Nordic Reading Space with Huge Standing Mirror

Nordic Reading Space with Huge Standing Mirror

Feel the serenity while enjoying your books with this design idea. A white arm chair and floor lamp perfectly match the white wall, creating a larger look in your room. You can also place a standing mirror that creates a visual illusion with its reflection.

5. Stylish Floor Lamp for Convenient Night Reading

Cozy Scandinavian Reading Nooks

A light fixture does not only serve as the source of light but it can also spruce up your interior. Opt for a decorative floor lamp that will make your reading nook look stylish. This Scandinavian reading space uses an industrial reading lamp that looks simple but it can complement the existing elements.

6. Add Live Plants for a Focal Point

Add Live Plants for a Focal Point

Bringing a live plant into your reading nook can be a great idea to create a focal point. Not only does it add more colors, but it also brings your Scandinavian reading nooks to life. Depending on the size, you can put it on the corner, beside the chair, or anywhere else in your reading space.

7. Reading Corner in a Home Library

Reading Corner in a Home Library

Avid booklovers must copy this library and reading corner idea. Featuring floor to ceiling wall shelving to organize your books on either side, it is designed with a lounge that connects the shelves. A large glass window allows natural light to illuminate your home library and reading space.

Scandinavian reading nooks promise a calm and peaceful atmosphere, which is perfect to read a good book. No matter your nook size, pay attention to the key elements like color and furniture choice.

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