7 Inspiring Small Laundry Room Ideas with Sink

Laundry rooms are a useful space but they typically don’t get much attention as other parts of the house. If you want to make difference and plan to renovate this room, chances are that you need small laundry room ideas with sink to help with your work.

A sink isn’t a must in your laundry room but having one brings significant benefits. It allows you to rinse cloths, wash hands, or rub sturdy stains on your white shirt before throwing it to the washing machine. Pick out your favorite ideas below.

1. Modest Laundry Room

Modest Laundry Room

An undermount sink paired with unfinished wooden base cabinet is a perfect component in a laundry room. While the cabinet allows you to keep laundry utilities out of sight, the sink is completely accessible with a handy pull-down faucet.

This laundry room idea comes with match shelving to put detergent, laundry balls, or softener. Plus, creative quotes make a statement in the given space.

2. Freestanding Sink with Playful Walls

Freestanding Sink with Playful Walls

Plain walls are suggested in small rooms to create a visual effect but it’s always okay to pour your creativity on it. Make your laundry room stylish with playful wall art for additional accent. These small laundry room ideas with sink are going to boost your mood when doing the laundry.

3. Go Vertically

narrow laundry room

Not having enough room for your laundry area? Stack your appliances and make the most out of the vertical space. This is a perfect idea to ensure normal activities in a super narrow laundry room. Employ a small standing sink to help you get the tasks done.

4. Laundry Hanger over Sink

Laundry Hanger over Sink

Looking for laundry room sink ideas that offer an aesthetic touch? This stylish laundry room is designed with a white undermount sink paired with dark gray base cabinet. It also boasts a convenient laundry hanger over the sink, allowing you to air dry clothes or rugs easily.

To save space on the floor, a storage cabinet is built to the ceiling so you can store laundry supplies and clothing.

5. Stylish Farmhouse Laundry Room

Stylish Farmhouse Laundry Room

Going farmhouse? Why not. Whether you have applied farmhouse style to the entire room or it is only for the laundry area, be sure not to skip these small laundry room ideas with sink. Subtle color from the cabinets and walls contrasts sharply the black floor, which creates an attractive visual.

6. Try Cast Iron Faucet

Small laundry room ideas

Paying attention to the details is a plus point when you are working with interior design including in the laundry room. A cast iron faucet is small in size but it is always impressive to add a classic flair in a white laundry room.

7. Neat and Clean Laundry Room

Neat and Clean Laundry Room

Bring out your inner perfectionist with this laundry room design idea with sink. Featuring a marble top undermount sink and white base cabinet, it creates a sleek and clean look to boost your mood when doing the laundry.

Narrow space is never an issue if you have these small laundry room ideas with sink at your disposal. Whatever your style preference, you can always find the best design idea to work with.

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