8 Perfect Stair Riser Ideas for Your House

The stair riser can be a decorative element if your house looks plain. This space is something you can touch up with many stair riser ideas. The installment should be well-planned, but you can DIY as well. Here are some great styles you can pick from.

The Best Stair Riser Ideas for The House

1. Piano style

piano style is one of the popular stair riser

The piano style is one of the popular stair riser nowadays. This style is a perfect match if you like a country-house theme for the house.

The stair has tuts with black and white lines. The steps are from wood. The perfect railing style for this rise is the classic and curved metal.

2. Riser with rug

stair riser with a rug


A stair riser with a rug will give you a better look at the house interior which looks plain. The rug should have a pattern since most stair riser has a plain look.

You can match the color for the ton, either warm or cool. To make it more sophisticated, you can add a lantern for the light above the stairs.

3. Stencil style

stencil style is a good idea

The stencil style is a good idea if you want decorative stair riser ideas. The stencil can have a unique picture as the element and most likely, people choose a floral design.

Usually, people choose the one on the card since it is sturdy and lasts longer than thin wax or woven fabric.

4. Wallpaper stair riser

Wallpaper stair riser

Another option that you can consider is a stair rise with wallpaper. The step of the stairs is plain, but the riser is covered by wallpaper.

The wallpaper can be a decorative element, so the stairs will not look boring. Thus, this is an affordable option for your house.

5. Vinyl stair riser

Vinyl stair riser

Vinyl stair risers can be a good idea for the stairs since the market sells a lot of options that you can choose from. Vinyl is decorative and it has many patterns and colors to fit in your house theme.

You can get it at the market at a very affordable price. Plus, the vinyl riser is easy to install as well.

6. 3D vinyl

3D vinyl for the stair riser

The 3D vinyl for the stair riser is hugely popular if you want to stick to a unique idea for the house. When you look at the stairs from the bottom, you will see a lively picture of the stairs. It is a good option if you have less decorative room.

7. Colorful stair riser

simply paint the riser

This is a great option for a colorful look for the stair element. You can simply paint the riser or decorate it with the board. When you choose this style, you had better choose the stairs where the walls next to it are plain white.

8. White stair riser

stair riser ideas

A white stair riser is bright for the room. This is simply a riser without any elements, but the steps have different colors from the riser. This style is very popular in the house with a minimalist concept.

Those stair riser ideas above are the best options that you can consider to decorate yours. You can make it plain as long as it suits the theme for the whole stair concept. The decorative ones are customizable following your preference.

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