8 Inspiring Stairwell Trim Ideas That You Don’t Want to Miss

How do you enhance the look of your stairwell? Stairwell consist of many parts. Stair trim is one of them. Although it is not as functional as other parts, stair trim is an excellent way to add an accent to your stairwell. Below, we have a list of 8 stairwell trim ideas that will inspire you.

1. Wainscot Stair Trim

Wainscot Stair Trim

When it comes to a decorative stair trim, wainscot is among the most common options. This comes as no surprise. A wainscot stair trim looks good. It adds texture and makes the stairwell more appealing. What’s more, it works in just about any décor. You wouldn’t need to worry about style compatibility.

2. Stair Skirt with Lines

Stair Skirt with Lines

Sometimes, simplicity is best. If you are looking for something simple, a stair skirt is one of the simplest stairwell trim ideas you can try. The trim follows a diagonal line, moving along the steps. The lines make the trim more visible. It comes in white, which creates a contrasting background for the wooden treads.

3. Wooden Stair Trim

Wooden Stair Trim

Stair trims often come in white. That doesn’t mean yours has to be like that. A trim with the same color as the stairs work wonders, too. Notice how unified the look of the stairwell is. It contrasts with the walls, bringing the staircase to attention. Meanwhile, the runner balances and softens the contrast.

4. Lighting Stair Trim

Lighting Stair Trim

Maybe you are looking for modern stairwell trim ideas? If so consider a lighting trim. Unlike the other trims, a lighting trim is not as visible. Some homeowners opt for recessed lighting like this one here, which looks gorgeous when the light is turned on. Notice how it complements the modern staircase.

5. Pair with a Runner

stairwell trim ideas

A decorative trim can work on its own. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with other decorative elements. For example, you can pair it with a runner. A light brown trim pairs quite well with a geometric runner. The two create a soft contrast that adds interest to the stairwell.

6. Unique Stair Trim

Unique Stair Trim

A stair trim doesn’t need to be symmetrical or even. An uneven trim works, too. If anything, it can add uniqueness to the stairwell. Notice how the trim doesn’t follow the shape or direction of the steps like the others do.

7. Beadboard Stair Trim

Beadboard Stair Trim

There are also beadboard trims. These trims can work with just about any décor. Here you can see how the beadboard trim connects the stairwell and the other parts of the room seamlessly. A beadboard is higher than a stair skirt, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to highlight the stairwell.

8. Follow the Curve

stairwell trim ideas

What’s great about stair trims is how they can complement stairwell of any shape, including curving ones. The trim follows the curve of the steps, separating it from the wall. A harmonious look like this makes the stairwell’s beauty hard to miss.

So, which stairwell trim ideas pique your interest the most? Whichever they are, now you know how a small part like a stair trim can have a significant impact on the aesthetic of your stairwell. It can complement the flow of the stairs. It can even make a statement.

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