7 Creative and Neat Storing Jewelry Ideas

Your jewelry collections need special storage to keep them tangle-free, safe, and ready to use. Storing jewelry ideas come in various designs, sizes, and shapes, which make it possible to grab an idea that fits best to your preference and space.

When it comes to space, jewelry storage must be somewhere near your makeup station, bedroom, or walk-in closet to streamline your morning routine. This helps you pick out accessories and outfits quickly without running back and forth.

1. Wall Mount Necklace Hanger

Storing jewelry ideas

Your lovely necklaces need this wall mount hanger to keep them tidy and visible. Instead of tossing the necklace into a pile, you can simply hang them for easier picking for the next use. Sort them out by size, color, or type for a visual attraction.

2. Acrylic Bracelet Holder on Makeup Station

Acrylic Bracelet Holder on Makeup Station

Bracelet holder is a must if you want to display your bracelet collections. Available in various designs and sizes, you can try this acrylic holder that can be a nice addition to your modern makeup station. These storing jewelry ideas are practical and won’t take up much space.

If you want to create uniformity above the drawer, get an acrylic storage box. Besides keeping your valuables safe and organized, acrylic box maintains visibility for easier access.

3. Jewelry Organizer Box

Jewelry Organizer Box

An organizer box is one of the most common storage ideas to keep your accessories in one place. Depending on the size, the all-in-one organizer is portable which makes it suitable for travel. Typically, it has several compartments with different sizes for different types of jewelry.

4. Tiered Jewelry Box with Classy Look

Tiered Jewelry Box with Classy Look

A tiered jewelry storage box can be your best choice to ensure tidiness and classy-look. This jewelry organizer is designed with plenty of compartments, making it a perfect choice for dozen accessories. Some storage box comes with mirror to accessorize on the go.

5. Customized Necklace Hanger

Customized Necklace Hanger

If you need a necklace hanger and wall ornament at one time, customized necklace organizer should be on your list. This is one of brilliant storing jewelry ideas that let you keep accessories in place and at the same time make them a unique wall ornament when not in use.

Good news, you can make this customized necklace hanger with minimum skills and low-budget materials.

6. Basic Jewelry Storage Idea

Basic Jewelry Storage Idea

Transform your drawer into a secret jewelry organizer with this storage idea. Featuring separated compartments for individual item, you can simply toss your jewelry into each compartment without making them tangled.  If you don’t need exposure, this storage idea is worth considering.

7. Classic Drawer with Hinged Necklace Holder

Classic Drawer with Hinged Necklace Holder

This classic-looking drawer can be an adorable addition to your bedroom or walk-in closet. Designed with a storage box on the top, it helps you choose accessories quickly every morning. It also has a hinged necklace holder that swings outward and inward for a space-efficient alternative.

Storing a bunch of accessories can be tricky. As these tiny items can be anywhere in your room, you need storing jewelry ideas to keep them in place. Both storage box and hanger are great to organize your favorite valuables, so choose one that fits your space.

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