Condo and Apartment Interior Design: 8 Tips for Decorating Smaller Spaces

Decorating in smaller spaces can be difficult because you don’t have as much space to include a lot of furniture or accents.

Imagine you saw waterfront condos for sale in florida and decided to invest in a new condo. You get the keys to your new home and enter the space to see empty rooms, but you realize the setup for your last living room and bedroom will no longer work here since it is a much smaller space.

Follow these eight tips to create a beautiful new home even while downsizing.

Have a plan

One of the best ways to start doing interior design in a small space is to create a plan for what you want. Try to pick a few furniture pieces and an overall theme for a room, and then create a mock-up of the room to plan where you will put everything and how you want it all to look.

Having a plan can help you make the most of your space and avoid overdoing it and creating a cluttered space.


color combinations for living room

Don’t be afraid to play around with colors. Create a color scheme for each room where you choose color combinations that go well together and include something fun that adds more personality.

You can then use these colors to paint or in your design choices for things like throw pillows, wall decor, and even furniture. If you can, paint the walls and make the space feel more your own.


Having an accent piece or two can help a room shine. Accent pieces or an accent wall are a great way to have eye-catching areas that show off your tastes. A statement piece does not have to be huge or even alter the walls.

Many renters are not allowed to overly customize a place, so you can get a statement furniture piece or use removable hanging strips to put up a poster or tapestry that shows off your style and turns heads.

Try to create vertical layers with accessories and statement pieces to save space and add more creativity to the project.

Multi-use pieces

multi storage for living room

When living in a small place, having storage solutions and decor that you can use for practical purposes and aesthetics is crucial. Find furniture such as ottomans or benches that can be used as storage and tables, footrests, or seating.

You should also try to find ways to put away appliances and household items, such as cords or small electronics, when they aren’t in use.


In order to add more dimension and character to your space, you should play around with different textures. The furniture can explore various textures and add some personality to the room.

Creatively mixing leather with soft fabrics and mixing fun patterns can help show off your taste and create more dimension in a smaller space.

Practice minimalism

One of the hardest parts about living in a small space is being unable to fit everything and ending up in cluttered areas. The best and easiest way to combat this is by trying to create a more minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism means not owning things you do not need or will not use. When you have less stuff, you can better maximize your space and avoid creating areas in your home that look cluttered or unorganized.


Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Not all homes have the best natural lighting, so you may need to invest in better overhead lighting or floor and task lamps.

Creating ambient and mood lighting can help elevate a space. Lamps and overhead lighting solutions can also add more creativity and be some touches of fun decor in a room.

Get lighting with designs that match your taste and style to ensure practical decor that brings you joy without overcrowding your space.

Window treatments

Adding window treatments often takes up little space but can create more privacy and style in your home. Blinds, curtains, and drapes are excellent pieces to add to your home that can be stylish and keep curious eyes from peering into your house.

For the best results, choose window treatments that you enjoy the look of and that are easy to install. Ease of installation can help you easily take them down when you move and will help make it, so you never feel the improvement was worth more than the energy you had to spend on it.

Wrap up

Living in a smaller space, such as a condo or apartment, is an excellent option for many people, but it can be harder to do interior design for these smaller spaces.

Redecorating in a smaller place can be especially difficult for anyone who is downsizing, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible. Follow these eight decorating tips to create a small space you love.

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