5 Tips for Painting Your Basement

In many houses, the basement is used for extra storage space only. Of course, you can also find a basement used for other purposes including an entertainment room.

No matter what the purpose of the basement, the most important goal when decorating the basement must be to make it look more spacious and brighter.

In this circumstance, painting your basement will play an important role to create the best basement for every purpose.

Rich and Deep Color

The very first thing that will come to many people’s minds when they try to choose the paint for their basements is to choose light colors. However, you can choose rich and deep colors instead of light colors to paint your basement.

It will be useful to open up the room more. Your room will look livelier when covering it in dark blue with high saturation instead of yellow with poor saturation.

Light Color in Naturally Lit Basement

Tips for Painting Your Basement

It will be different if your basement has natural light access. With windows or other natural light access, you can use light colors to paint your basement. It becomes a general rule not to use light colors in a room with low-lighting access, after all.

Well, the basement usually has dim lighting because it functions as a storage area. If you want to make it into a living area, installing additional lighting will be crucial to open up the basement space. Installing a mirror will also be great to reflect the lighting and make the room brighter.

Complementary Colors

When painting your basement, you might try to limit the colors used. However, it does not mean that you cannot use more than one color for painting your basement.

In this circumstance, you can try to combine complementary colors for your basement room. Bold contrast for your basement paint will not add tension to the small basement, especially if it will be a busy room.

Avoid Too Many Colors

Avoid Too Many Color

Just to make the basement room livelier, you might want to use a lot of colors for painting the room. Nevertheless, it will not be great to use too many colors in a dark room, such as the basement.

Too many colors will make the small and busy room overpopulated. It will not be great if you want to open up the basement space, for sure. You can consider using the 60:30:10 rule when painting the basement room.

60% of the room should be covered in primary colors while 30% is for secondary colors. 10% will be accent color. Do not forget to make sure that each color is complementary to the others to avoid overbearing in your basement.

Glossy Paint Finish

What kind of paint finish should you use after painting your basement? It is not easy to find the perfect paint finish, especially for the basement.

However, a glossy paint finish is the most recommended paint finish option you should use for your basement painting. This type of paint finish will be useful to resist stains greatly because the basement tends to attract more moisture.

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