Tips For Using A Car Rental to Transport Heavy Or Awkward Materials

Renting a car often solves many problems not only during travel. Many people use rental company services mainly when travelling to resorts and hot countries such as the UAE. This really saves the situation. After all, even if you have your own iron horse, you won’t be able to take it abroad.

However, there are still a number of cases when renting a car is a cure that makes life easier. If you have moved to Dubai and are making renovations in your new home, then the rent Jeep Dubai option will help you easily transport materials and furniture in comfort. Various types of cars for rent will become indispensable means of transporting heavy or awkward objects.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the knowledge and techniques to help you master the art of moving heavy loads while renting a car.

Choosing A Suitable Car For Transporting Large Items

Choosing A Suitable Car For Transporting Large Items

Your first step in the difficult issue of transporting inconvenient and large materials or furniture is choosing the right and most suitable rented iron horse. Consider the size and weight of your cargo so that the chariot you choose can accommodate it comfortably.

For example, pickup trucks have increased off-road capability, and in an open trunk (it can be closed if necessary) you can transport very bulky items. Spacious vans are also perfect for transporting a large number of things and huge furniture.

Precision Packing: The Art of Cargo Tetris

Once the rental car is selected, the art of cargo Tetris comes into play. The beginning of the second stage will be the arrangement of the heaviest materials or furniture and its preliminary packaging.

It is important to remember that the car has a centre of gravity and it is best to place these objects closer to it. This will ensure stability and safety. Also try to secure the loads using fastening straps so that during the ride it does not fall anywhere or get damaged.

Drive A Rental Car Carefully

Drive A Rental Car Carefully

Once your cargo is securely stowed, it’s time to embark on your hauling adventure. Do your best to steer smoothly and try to avoid sudden movements. Inaccurate manoeuvres may result in the load falling or being completely damaged.

Also, when transporting large equipment or fragile materials such as tiles, you should not drive fast to avoid sudden braking. Consider the route you will take in advance and try to choose the one with the least number of sharp turns.

The Art Of Unloading: Tenderness And Smoothness

So, we have already looked at the stages of choosing a rental car and directly transporting fragile or awkward items. However, after transportation, it is also necessary to unload all items from the car.

The main rule is that such a process cannot be rushed. To avoid damaging your rental car, cargo or health, act carefully and ask for help if necessary.

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Bonus Tip

Tips For Using A Car Rental to Transport Heavy

A very important point is to treat with care not only the cargo being transported, but also the rental car that will help you with this. For this purpose, it is necessary to cover the interior and trunk of the rental car with a protective layer.

This can be strong paper, special packaging materials or tarpaulin. This way the car upholstery will remain undamaged. This will save you from fines for returning the car in improper condition, and will also give the next tenants the opportunity to use a clean and tidy car.


Using the tips above, you can transport bulky materials and furniture with ease and pleasure, even without your own car. A rented car will be your faithful friend in transporting your goods.

The main thing is to remember the rules of accuracy and respect for the car. And don’t forget to check with the rental company whether it is against using the hired car for such purposes.

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