8 Toilet Types and Flush Systems for Different Occasions

You should never choose a toilet and its flushing system randomly since it is going to stay in your house for decades. Get to know different toilet types and flush systems before heading to the market. There are some important aspects you must consider to find the best one for your own home.

1. Dual-Flush Toilets

Dual-Flush Toilets

Dual-flush toilets have two different flush buttons. One of them is a full flush button and another one is a half flush button. The-half flush one is used to clean liquid waste while the full one is designed to flush solid waste. Water efficiency is the biggest benefit of this type of this 2 flush toilet.

2. Double Cyclone Flush

Double Cyclone Flush

This is the latest product you can find in the market. To flush, double cyclone flush is going to use less water but the same power as the regular flush.

This flushing system is not as water-efficient as the previous one. But it is still an eco-friendly option. It will help you save money on monthly water bills.

3. Pressure Assisted Toilets

Pressure Assisted Toilets

The greatest advantage of this toilet flushing system is its powerful flush. The flushing mechanism is using pressurized air that will force water into the tank of your toilet. This means your toilet will not have double flushes.

4. Toilet Types and Flush Systems: Gravity-Flush

Toilet Types and Flush Systems Gravity-Flush

This type of toilet is the most common one you can find on many properties around the world. The tank of the toilet is going to hold water that will drop into the toilet bowl when you press the toilet’s plush button. And then the water is going to push all the waste and bring it through the trap way.

5. Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets

A composting process is a biological process that will treat human waste. Most composting toilets are using peat moss, coconut coir, wood chip, sawdust, or other bulking materials after each use. The right composting process for human waste will create a finished product that is easy to handle and safe.

6. Waterless Toilet

toilet types and flush systems

A waterless toilet is also known as a dry sanitation toilet. It doesn’t use water or any flushing system. This toilet is the best option for those who leave in an area with water deficiency problems, environmental problems, or underdeveloped infrastructure. However, this isn’t as famous as others.

7. Upflush Toilets

Upflush Toilets

This kind of toilet doesn’t require you to drill holes in your bathroom floor just to install complex plumbing systems. Upflush toilets are fully mobile, you can fit one of them in your house. This kind of toilet is using a different discharge system compared to any standard toilet. It uses a macerator unit.

8. Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are small toilets you can transport easily from one place to another. This kind of toilet is the best one for camping, hiking, festivals, or other outdoor activity. Carry your own toilet very easily and you can do your business comfortably everywhere.

Different toilet types and flush systems allow you to pick the best one for your home. Learn the differences and you’ll find the right one.

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