7 Types of Baseboard Heaters for A Warmer Interior

A baseboard heater is going to help heat rooms inside your home. Some different types of baseboard heaters are available and they come with their own benefits. You want to know everything about each baseboard heater. Make sure that you learn about each type and the benefits it offers.

Electric and convection baseboard heaters may be the most famous products you have ever heard of. But those aren’t the only ones. Below are complete details about different baseboard heaters.

1. Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Hydronic heaters have the shape of a central heating system. The system is going to seal oil or water and then heats it to heat the air inside the room.

The main benefit of this system is that the liquid that stays in the system will be heated longer and will stay warm long after you turn off the thermostat.

2. Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric Baseboard Heaters

An electric baseboard heater is going to heat your home from one room to another. This heater is usually located on the floor next to the wall.

Electric heaters are not expensive because they don’t use ducts. However, electric heaters won’t be as efficient as another heating system: the central heating system.

3. Convection Baseboard Heaters

Convection Baseboard Heaters

A convection baseboard heater will draw in the cool air on the floor around the heater. And then the system is going to warm the air over heated metal fins. Next, the system is going to let the heated air flows back into your room through a convection process which is a process to exchange heat.

4. Hot Water Types of Baseboard Heaters

Hot Water Types of Baseboard Heaters

This heating system has a boiler that will heat the water before sending it from one heater to another heater through pipes. Every unit will only take the heat in a small amount. The heat comes from the hot water and it will be sent to the next heater. These heaters become an efficient source of heat.

5. Ceramic Baseboard Heaters

Ceramic Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters made of ceramic are durable heaters. Ceramics is actually the most famous material used to manufacture high-quality options of baseboard heaters. Ceramic heaters will not easily wear out with time. Moreover, ceramic heaters will also ensure more unified heat dispersion.

6. Direct Vent Baseboard Heaters

Direct Vent Baseboard Heaters

Usually, a direct vent baseboard heater is using gas-fired technology. When you are using this direct vent baseboard heater, it is crucial to reset the room temperature to 15 degrees Celsius before you turn on the heater after leaving the heater for a long time. This is a cheaper alternative to hydronic heaters.

7. Portable Baseboard Heaters

types of baseboard heaters

The next of seven types of baseboard heating is the portable heater. This one is also known as a plug-in baseboard heater. If you rent a house and the landlord doesn’t let you remodel the house, this portable baseboard heater is the best idea to consider. It is very movable.

Many types of baseboard heaters will let you enjoy a warmer room during the colder months. At least, seven baseboard heater types are available. Learn about each heater so that you’ll know which one is the right choice for your interior design.

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