8 Unique Types of Clocks of All Time

A clock is something you will display in a room or something you connect to the wall. Its job is to display the time. Before looking for a new clock for your interior, you may want to learn the various types of clocks. Here are the various clock types from the most unique one to the usual one.

1. The Obelisk

The Obelisk

This unique clock looks like a tower with a long square shape. On the top, the unique clock has a pyramid end. This one is one of the oldest clocks in the world.

People in Egypt used this type of clock in 3500 BCE. The sun’s position will inform the type through the shadow of the obelisk.

2. The Sundial

The Sundial

Among different types of clocks, the sundial is another unique type you should know about. It has a dial and also a stick you should place at a specific angle.

It works like the obelisk, the stick on this clock is going to show the time anytime the sunlight creates a shadow.

3. Mechanical Clocks

Mechanical Clocks

The first mechanical clock was invented by an American inventor named Levi Hutchins. He invented this clock in 1787.

And then in 1878, the standard time of a region was established. Next, the types of clocks with mechanical devices using spiral springs were used to make timepieces and wristwatches.

4. Pendulum Clock

Differetn Types of Clocks

The next of various types of clocks is a pendulum clock that has a pendulum or a swinging weight. The pendulum clock must be motionless and level so that it can work.

Any acceleration or motion is going to impact the motion of the pendulum so that it will gain or lose beat and speed.

5. Wristwatches


A small clock you wear on your wrist so that you will be able to know the time simply by checking the wristwatch on your wrist. In the past, circular springs were used to power the wristwatch.

Those springs should be wound every 24 hours. But now, all wristwatches can work automatically.

6. Digital Clocks

Digital Clocks

Unlike the other old clocks, the digital clock is the most modern one because it is powered by technology. The digital clock doesn’t show the time using needles and 12 numbers.

It is going to show you the exact time such as 12:34 or 21:44. Some digital clocks have the function of alarm clocks.

7. Atomic Clocks

Atomic Clocks

This is the most sophisticated instrument that measures time. The device can measure time at a very high degree of precision and accuracy.

The accuracy of this atomic clock is wonderful with an error of one second every one hundred million years.

8. Water Clock

Water Clock

This is a unique clock used by the Greeks. The water clock was designed to use water-based technology. The very first water clock which was invented in 250 BCE was completely powered by water. It is going to show time 24 hours every day, seven days every week.

Learning the various types of clocks will help you know the history of the clock. Today, clocks have more sophisticated technology than the old versions of the clock around the world.

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