7 Types of Crown Molding for Different Rooms

Crown molding installation is now an essential part of architectural upgrades. Your plain walls will get formality and depth with the presence of crown molding. However, choosing one between many types of crown molding isn’t an easy task to do. Too many options are available to choose from.

Among those many options, below are the most recommended crown molding types to consider. Make sure that you give priority to some crown molding types below instead of other types.

1. Plaster Crown Molding

Plaster Crown Molding

This one is for those who want to create a grand interior in their home. To create a plaster crown molding, you need to use plaster walls. Cast the plaster into elaborate profiles. If you are not ready to spend a lot of money, then plaster crown molding isn’t the right option since it can be costly.

2. Solid Wood Crown Molding

types of crown molding

If you’re looking for crown molding for kitchen cabinets, then solid wood crown molding will be the greatest choice to consider. Wood crown molding may look awesome for your interior. But solid wood crown molding also has a downside. It can swell and shrink with changes in the weather.

3. MDF Crown Molding

MDF Crown Molding

Medium-Density Fiberboard crown molding or MDF crown molding allows you to use it in any room, especially in a room that has painted trims.

MDF crown molding is a low-cost and stable alternative to the previous one. This crown molding comes in various stock profiles that will perfect your interior.

4. Polyurethane Types of Crown Molding

Polyurethane Types of Crown Molding

This crown molding type works in many installations. Polyurethane is a brilliant option if you’re looking for a more stable crown molding that comes at a lower price. Moreover, polyurethane crown molding is more rot-repellent and insect-repellent compared to solid wood crown molding.

5. PVC Crown Molding

PVC Crown Molding

Looking for the right crown molding to install in the bathroom? PVC crown molding is the best one for exteriors, bathrooms, and anywhere else with high moisture. The product contains plastic polymers that will never rot or warp even though you place them in a very wet area.

6. Flex Crown Molding

Flex Crown Molding

This kind of crown molding is used with window bays and curved walls. It is a rubbery material that comes in various profiles you can bend around your curved wall. There is no need to cut the relief. Even though it is a less expensive option, flexible molding can be costly since it must be special-ordered.

7. Polystyrene Crown Molding

Polystyrene Crown Molding

This crown molding design is mostly used to redesign a room very quickly. You can cut this polystyrene crown molding with a knife or scissors. Keep in mind that polystyrene comes with a thin texture and edges that are not so crisp. Compare the design with some other crown molding designs.

Those seven types of crown molding are the most famous options. Each type comes with its own superiority and downside. You need to learn every type of crown molding to choose the best one for every room at home. Not all types are perfect for all rooms. And only one is good for your bathroom.

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