7 Types of Driveway Gravel for Aesthetic Driveways

GripElements.com – Gravel driveways have so many benefits. The gavels are not only practical but they will also help you decorate the exterior of your house. Gravel is also affordable, a perfect option for those who have a low budget for the driveway. Here are seven types of driveway gravel to consider.

1. Aquarium Gravel

different types driveway gravel

This type of gravel is a famous gravel option for the driveway. Aquarium gravel is smooth and it comes in beautiful colors.

You can use aquarium gravel not only for the fish tank. This kind of gravel can help filter out any impurity since it can work as a natural substrate.

2. Crushed Stone

types of gravel for a driveway
types of gravel driveway

Another gravel type for your driveway is crushed stone. The manufacturers of this type of gravel are crushing down larger rocks into smaller pieces.

Many colors are available and will help you create a decorative driveway. Unfortunately, the price of crushed stone is more expensive than other gravels.

3. Pea Gravel

types of gravel driveway

These types of driveway gravel are small and round-shaped stones that come in so many options of colors. People usually use pea gravel in landscaping projects since pea gravel are providing good drainage and you can walk on pea gravel driveway easily.

Pea gravel comes in a smaller size than some other gravel types. Usually, it measures 3/8 inches, that’s why the name of the gravel is pea gravel.

4. Bank Gravel

types of gravel driveway materials

Another name for this gravel is hybrid gravel. Bank gravel is a mix of at least two types of gravel or more. Usually, bank gravel is a mix of crushed stone and pea gravel.

The main function of bank gravel is to build driveways and roads. This can be a great option for your home driveway.

5. Recycled Asphalt

types of driveway gravel uk

These types of driveway gravel are from recycled materials. Recycling asphalt is a more sustainable option you can use to replace traditional asphalt.

There are so many benefits of recycled asphalts. For example, this gravel material is more environmentally friendly.

Moreover, recycled asphalt is going to help you save some of your money on the driveway project. The installation cost of this gravel type is lower than that of traditional asphalt.

6. River Rock

Types of Driveway Gravel

This driveway gravel type is a smooth option. It also has a round shape and its price is more expensive than some other stone types. But behind the higher price, river rock is a long-lasting and very durable option for your driveway.

River rocks also have a unique, eye-catching, and natural look. The look is going to make your home’s exterior look amazing.

7. Crimson Stone

different types of driveway gravel

The colors of crimson stone include orange, black, gray, and red. Crimson stone has a sunny and warm look for your driveway.

Red rock or crimson stone comes in various types. The most famous one that people use for the driveways is pink quartz.

The seven types of driveway gravel are not the entire available types. However, those are the most popular options to consider. Make sure that you choose one that meets the exterior theme of your house.

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