7 Types of Gas Fireplaces with Different Vent Systems

There’s no need to clean out ashes and store wood if you choose to use a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces became famous years ago but now it gains more popularity. Different types of gas fireplaces allow you to find the right one to provide warmth to your loved ones.

When searching for the right gas fireplace for your house, think of the location of the fireplace will be. Below are some recommendations for gas fireplaces you may want to use inside your house.

1. Gas Fireplaces with A Direct Vent

Gas Fireplaces with A Direct Vent

This kind of gas fireplace has a venting method that allows the air from the outside to get in and start the combustion. Indoor gas fireplaces with a direct vent are going to discharge all flue gases directly to the outside. This gas fireplace uses only one exterior opening.

2. Natural Gas Fireplaces

Natural Gas Fireplaces

These are gas fireplaces that have a natural vent or a B-vent. This kind of fireplace is going to draw the air from inside your house so that it can feed the flames. And then the vent combustion is going to discharge the gas up through your chimney. This unique gas fireplace will enhance your interior’s look.

3. Ventless Gas Fireplace

types of gas fireplaces

Ventless gas fireplaces can burn cleanly and also reduce dangerous remnants. That’s why those fireplaces don’t need any vents. If you’re looking for a gas fireplace you can install easily, a ventless gas fireplace is the best option to consider. Ventless gas fireplaces are also energy efficient.

4. Types of Gas Fireplaces: Standalone

Types of Gas Fireplaces Standalone

Standalone gas fireplaces don’t let you insert them into your wall. Those standalone fireplaces can stand on a platform or on their own feet. Also, standalone fireplaces have decorative surrounds that are designed to let you enjoy standalone gas fireplaces from different angles.

5. Gas Log Fireplaces

Gas Log Fireplaces

A set of artificial logs will be nestled in the masonry firebox. It offers a traditional appearance for your interior. As long as you provide a steady gas supply, the flames are going to dance around the logs. They are going to mimic the real wood’s look. If you have a traditional interior, get this gas fireplace.

6. Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

The outdoor gas fireplace is another famous choice if you love gathering with friends outside on chilly nights. This fireplace is also known as the backyard fire pit. It will bring heat and light to your gathering nights. The best gas fireplaces for the outdoors are the ones that look like wood-burning pits.

7. See-Through Gas Fireplace

See-Through Gas Fireplace

This gorgeous gas fireplace has a flame you can see from different sides. When you place it inside a wall or partition, you can see through the fire into another room. This fireplace is like the insertion with glass on both the rear and front. Many see-through gas fireplaces are ventless fireplaces.

Among many types of gas fireplaces, there are ventless, natural-vented, and direct-vented fireplaces. Before purchasing one, it is essential to learn about each type so that you can use the right one inside and outside the house.

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