8 Types of Greenhouse for Your Beautiful Garden

If you are into gardening and have a space to have a greenhouse, it is not a bad idea to execute. Types of greenhouse are available to follow according to the area where you live. It has a lot of functions, especially protecting the plants during a harsh climate.

A greenhouse is a place where it can trap the heat. As a gardener, you can control the climate inside the greenhouse for the plant you have. So, the plant will still grow and live beautifully. Here are some types that you can follow to build a good greenhouse.

1. Gable greenhouse

Gable greenhouse Design

This greenhouse type is the one that you may find in many subtropical countries. The ceiling is high and sloping because the main purpose is to slide the snow to the ground during the winter. A gable greenhouse is excellent if you plan to create a cheap house with transparent material as the wall.

2. Shade greenhouse

Shade greenhouse Ideas

If you look for types of greenhouse that are very affordable, you can try to have a shaded greenhouse. This is the greenhouse that is not fully covered. The top of the house is a shade cloth and still allows the sunlight to reach the plants below it. This style is popular in tropical countries.

3. Sawtooth Greenhouse

Sawtooth Greenhouse Ideas

This is the type where you can find a lot in many tropical areas, especially deserts. The sawtooth has a unique design on the ceiling because it has a different tier. The sawtooth allows the air to circulate better and it can improve the growth of the plant. The design is also cost-effective.

4. Uneven Greenhouse

types of greenhouse

Among the types of greenhouse, the uneven greenhouse is one of the best choices for those who live on a hillside. The name uneven is taken because the shape of the roof is uneven. It allows the sunlight to penetrate the house better.

5. Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch Greenhouse ideas

The gothic arch design is well-known in subtropical countries. The top of the house can withstand harsh weather, especially during windy and snowy days. The gothic arch ceiling will run off the water and snow, so they won’t stay at the top of the greenhouse which may damage the house.

6. Tunnel Greenhouse

Tunnel Greenhouse Design

You can consider a tunnel greenhouse as well because it is good for an annual crop. The shape of the house looks like a tunnel. Among the types of greenhouse structures, the tunnel style is very perfect for those who want a cheap house. The frame is made from metal with transparent plastic as a cover.

7. Dome Greenhouse

Dome Greenhouse Ideas

The dome greenhouse has a dome at the top of the house. The dome will fight the harsh weather during the transitional season. This is popular in subtropical countries. However, the dome is quite high and you have to design it well according to your area.

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8. Lean To Greenhouse

Lean To Greenhouse

This is the style that fits your mini garden. It is attached to your house, and the size is smaller than other greenhouses. You can create the frame from metal with plastic as a cover. It’s good to place your potted plants there.

The types of greenhouse above are the best options that you can choose to build for the garden. The purpose of greenhouses is the same where it protects the plants inside. However, you have to choose the model according to the area where you live.

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