7 Fascinating Types of In-Ground Pools

An in-ground pool is not only an ornament for your landscape but will also let you exercise and build a healthier routine. Inground pools can be made of various materials. Before building your own inground pool, check out some different types of in-ground pools.

1. Fiberglass Inground Pool

Fiberglass Inground Pool

To install a fiberglass inground pool, you need to buy a fiberglass shell and then lower it into your excavation.

The cost of this pool is higher but this inground pool is going to last 15 years. The surface of this inground pool is smooth and it is easier to maintain a fiberglass inground pool.

However, the fiberglass swimming pool will fade and crack over time. You can fix the pool but usually, it will make the pool like nothing like the original color.

2. Vinyl Inground Pool

Vinyl Inground Pool

Those who have smaller budgets need to consider using a vinyl-lined backyard pool. This is going to use a plastic or metal frame that supports panels, a vinyl layer, and also a sand base. The lifespan of this pool will be longer than the fiberglass inground pool, about 18 years or even more.

Vinyl pools are available in various sizes and shapes so that you can make your inground pool look more unique.

3. Shipping Container Inground Pool

types of in-ground pools

The latest of some different types of in-ground pools is the shipping container inground pool which uses a shipping container to make a pool.

This option is less expensive compared to some other options. These pools don’t have structural walls. It may cause a pool failure.

4. Dunk Inground Pool

Dunk Inground Pool

The design of the dunk pool is awesome with steel as the material. It is very durable and will not take up too much space compared to conventional pools. This means you can tuck it into areas that cannot get above-ground pools or large inground pools.

The shape of dunk pools is usually rectangular or square. They are great for kids who want to cool off or splash and for adults who want to have a healthier lifestyle.

5. Concrete Inground Pool

Concrete Inground Pool

To make this pool, you need to dig and place the steel framework. And then pour the concrete and seal it with a plaster coat.

The right method to build a concrete pool is by using a concrete base and reinforced steel. The result will be a durable pool that you can customize easily.

6. Infinity Inground Pool

Infinity Inground Pool

This is a custom-made pool that will highlight a beautiful view. An infinity pool usually has one or some walls that have a vanishing-edge design.

It is possible because of the water level that makes the pool like it has no edge. This lets the water flow over the wall and creates a beautiful illusion.

7. Inground Lap Pool

Inground Lap Pool

If you want to have a pool to be healthier, then consider building an inground lap pool. This is designed for swimming laps and it has a long, narrow, and rectangular shape. It needs minimal space and is perfect for small backyards.

Various types of in-ground pools will make your backyard look more beautiful. But you need to make sure that the pool you choose suits your need.

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