7 Most Popular Types of Kitchen Knives

Several types of kitchen knives have different roles. One knife might not be compatible for the particular role because of the blad size and thickness. Here are seven kitchen knives that you have to know for a better cooking experience.

1. Cleaver Knife

types of cooking knives and uses

The size of the cleaver knife is big because it is usually used to break bones and meat. It has a wide blade but is short in size.

You can break any kind of dense food with this knife. Chopping is no longer an issue, for both meat and vegetable. The thinner blade is perfect to chop vegetables.

You might see cleaver types of kitchen knives to crush garlic, tender meat, and slice food. The popular size starts from 4-10”.

2. Chef Knife

types of kitchen knives and uses

Chefknife is the most general knife that usually every kitchen must have. It is versatile to slice food. The blade is not that wide, but it has a long size. The edge point of the knife is sharper. It is reliable for mincing and chopping vegetables.

You might find this chef knife is used to crush garlic, chop nuts and herbs, and slice vegetables. The size of this knife starts from 6-12”.

3. Bread Knife

best types of kitchen knives

The bread knife is one of the unique types of kitchen knives because the size is long. The blade is straight with a length starting from 5-14”.

The edge of the knife has a serrated shape to slice the bread. For sure, the knife is not only to cut bread but also other soft food such as tomatoes and cakes.

4. Paring Knife

types of kitchen knives material

A paring knife is a short knife with a pointed edge at the tip. Since the size is small, this knife is good for light work in the kitchen.

The size that you can find in the market is between 2-5” only. Usually, this knife is used to chop fruits and vegetables, trim meat, and peel the skin of vegetables.

5. Utility Knife

types of kitchen knives and their uses

Utility knife has the shape of a paring knife, but the size is similar to a chef knife. The blade is narrow, but the length starts from 5-9”.

A utility knife is the best knife to chop vegetables and other works related food. Peeling, slicing, and cutting are tasks that this knife can handle well. The best thing is utility can do a precision job.

6. Butcher Knife

different types of kitchen knives

This knife has long size, and the blade has a curve at the tip. It helps the user to slice the meat. Usually, the size of a butcher knife is 5-12”, depending on the kind of meat you will slice.

The blade is very sharp to separate the bones. Trimming the fat on the meat is also easier with a butcher knife.

7. Carving Knife

types of kitchen knives

A carving knife is a slicing specialization because of the shape of the blade. The size of blade is long and thin. It is perfect to slice a lot of food from meat, bakery goods, fruits, and vegetable. The size of the knife is starting from 8-14”.

The types of kitchen knives are different. Some knives are not as sharp as others because of the role they have. The size of the knife also relates to its capability and usage. Use the right knife to ease you while preparing and serving the food.

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