8 Types of Light Fixtures for Different Rooms

Lighting is going to make you look awesome. When you install the right lighting inside a room, the room will also make you feel much better. That’s why everyone needs to know the different types of light fixtures and pick the best one for their interior.

1. Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

This one is the best option for the living room and sitting area. Floor lamps come in different styles and shapes you can pick one to adapt to various areas at home. A floor lamp can also be a gorgeous décor piece that will be ready to decorate your interior even though it is turned off.

2. Table Lamp

Table Lamp

A table lamp is a brilliant ornament for the bedroom, it will complement the main lighting fixture the bedroom already had. You can place this amazing lighting fixture on any flat surface like a kitchen table, living room credenza, fireplace mantel, or another flat surface.

3. Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps

If a desk lamp is designed to decorate a room, this one is designed to be task lighting that allows you to read or do something on the table more conveniently. Unlike a table lamp, a desk lamp is adjustable so that you can get find the right dim for any task you need to be done. This one’s for the home office.

4. Types Of Light Fixtures: Wall Sconces

Types Of Light Fixtures Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are what you need if you’re looking for a decorative lighting fixture. Various styles of wall sconces allow you to pick the right one for your interior. You can use a single wall sconce or get a pair or multiple wall sconces for your interior, depending on how spacious the room is.

5. Decorative Accent Lighting

Decorative Accent Lighting

Decorative accent lighting can be a great option for the dining room. This kind of lighting is going to add ambiance to your interior. You may want to use fairy lights, neon-lit signage, garland lights, lighted wall sculptures, or any other decorative lighting in your interior. Use it only as additional lighting fixtures.

6. Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Houses with modern interiors usually use a pendant lamp in one of their rooms. This is a modern lighting fixture for the ceiling that is usually mounted on the ceiling of a recreation area or a dining space. Some styles of pendant lighting include simple lights, classic globe lighting, and metal light fixtures.

7. Chandeliers

Chandeliers lamp

Chandeliers are classic ceiling lamps that are ideal for houses with antique interiors. The best place to hang a chandelier is in the middle of the room. The bigger chandelier is usually for a living room or a recreation area. Smaller chandeliers are better options for bathrooms and other smaller rooms.

8. Under Cabinet Lighting

types of light fixtures

Under cabinet lighting is usually mounted under a shelf, kitchen cabinet, or another similar surface. The goal of this lighting fixture is to produce focused lighting on any working surface. This lighting can also work as a night light.

Those eight types of light fixtures have different functions and will require you to mount them in different rooms. Pick and mount the right lamp for the right room. And make sure that the lamp can illuminate everything inside the room.

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