The Best 8 Types of Sod for Your Lawn

You may be confused why this grass is more popular in the name of sod. Sod is actually a grass, but it is planted for purposes. The sod has a good root system for the garden or the yard. It is evergreen throughout the year. The best types of sod for your lawn are in the list below.

1. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass sod

If you live in an area where the drought is happening longer than the rainy season, you can choose bermuda grass. This sod is the best option because it is drought resistant. It stays green even though you don’t put it in the water. You don’t need to trim the sod often as well.

2. Manila

Manila grass sod

Manila sod is one of the types of sod for your lawn because it is often used as sod for a golf course. The sod is more for ornamental purposes. It is very popular globally, in Asia, Europe, and America. It grows well under the full sun, especially in tropical countries.

3. St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass sod

The Saint Augustine sod is the best one if you live in a coastal area. This sod is salt resistant and the maintenance is very easy. The grass grows thick and it will look like a green carpet in the yard. The grass can grow well under the shade or full sun. It is good in tropical and subtropical areas.

4. Zoysia

types of sod for your lawn

The best sod for the tropical area is zoysia. This sod grows well in warm areas. You don’t need to mow the lawn often with this sod because it grows very slowly. Zoysia is also heat and drought resistant, yet it is still green throughout the year. It looks dense like a carpet as well.

5. Buffalo

Buffalo grass sod

The best thing about buffalo grass is it is low maintenance. It can grow well in many conditions. The sod grows in drought season, high winds, winter, and summer. The height increases slowly, so you don’t have to trim it often. In many areas, it is one of the best types of sod for your lawn.

6. Bentgrass

Bentgrass sod

For low-mowing purposes, you can choose bentgrass. Another advantage that you can take from this type is the vibrant colors that it gives a long year. It can grow well in many kinds of climates, from cool, moist, and wet. The thickness looks like a green carpet, so it is excellent for golf courses.

7. Centipede

Centipede grass sod

Many people choose centipede grass because it is very low maintenance. You don’t need to mow it often because it grows slowly. It has a high tolerance for heat and doesn’t require a lot. It can grow in many regions, both in full sun and half shade.

8. Bahia

Bahia grass sod

Bahia grass is good to prevent the diseases that may attack your garden. It can grow in drought and this is why you can find it easily in tropical areas. It needs maintenance because it grows faster. If it is too tall, it will no longer be the sod for garden decoration.

The types of sod for your lawn should be adjusted to the area where you are living in. Some types need proper maintenance, but most of them are low maintenance so you don’t need to mow it often. The sod is a good cover to give evergreen vibrant to the yard.

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