8 Types of Swimming Pools with Different Characteristics

A swimming pool can be a temporary tank or a permanent tank. Different types of swimming pools allow homeowners to get the right one for their exterior. First of all, you need to know what you really need. If you know what you need, you’ll know which swimming pool will be the best for your backyard.

1. Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

This type of swimming pool is for those who are looking for an affordable option. An above-ground swimming pool is also easier to maintain than an in-ground swimming pool, especially in winter. It is also relatively easy to assemble an above-ground swimming pool if you love to DIY everything.

2. Inground Swimming Pools

Inground Swimming Pools

An in-ground swimming pool is a huge investment since it is more expensive compared to an above-ground swimming pool. Maintaining an inground swimming pool is also pricier than maintaining an above-ground swimming pool. You need to spend hours a week maintaining and cleaning the pool.

3. Lap Swimming Pool

Lap Swimming Pool

Unlike two previous backyard swimming pools, this one is designed for those who need to use a pool for health and fitness purposes. A lap pool is narrow and shallow, not a pool for water slides and diving boards. The size of most lap pools is about 8 feet wide and 40 feet long.

4. Types of Swimming Pools: Indoor Pool

Types of Swimming Pools

This is a perfect option for families who have a lot of space inside and an unlimited budget to build a swimming pool. An indoor swimming pool is located inside the house and has a roof. Usually, an indoor pool has a geometric shape and looks very simple. It requires a lower maintenance cost.

5. Architectural Swimming Pool

Architectural Swimming Pool

An architectural swimming pool should have definite lines and structure. This pool is usually designed by an architect and has a sophisticated geometric shape. An architectural swimming pool is usually way more expensive than some other types of residential outdoor swimming pools.

6. Infinity Swimming Pool

Infinity Swimming Pool

Other names for this swimming pool are the disappearing edge pool, zero edge pool, negative edge pool, and vanishing edge pool. This is a custom swimming pool that is designed to highlight the view around the house. So people can enjoy the outstanding view inside the pool.

7. Natural Swimming Pool

Natural Swimming Pool

Also known as a swimming pond, this unique swimming pool is combining water gardens and swimming areas together. Many natural pools have reinforced polyethylene or rubber as the outline. Though many natural swimming pools are small swimming pools, you can request a custom natural pool size.

8. Spool

Spool Ideas

Among many unique swimming pool shapes, there is this spool or a combination of a spa and a pool. Homeowners who have smaller properties and more limited budgets request a smaller swimming pool that is bigger than a standard spa. This is how you get a spool in your backyard.

The eight types of swimming pools above are the most famous pools you can find easily in many houses. Check out the characteristics of each swimming pool type and you will know which one is the right one for your home.

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