7 Types of Window Balances from the Oldest to Newest

GripElements.com – Windows are helpful elements of a house. They come with many different components you can choose and use. One important aspect of the window you need to know is window balances. There are various types of window balances you should learn. Below are some of them.

1. Block and Tackle

what are the different types of window balances

This window balance is the most common type you can find easily in the market. This window balance system has a combination of at least two pullers or more, a cord, and a spring. The pulleys gather together and form a block. It will reduce the load.

The sash movement will pull the cord and it will compress or stretch the springs. The springs will get some weight to match the sash’s weight. And then the springs and pulleys will close and open the window.

2. Spiral Window Balances

different types of window balances

These types of window balances are also common type. Spiral balances will help open your windows and hold the windows open with the rod inside a tube that has a spiral shape.

There is a connection between the rod and the spring. This connection is providing tension that supports the sash.

3. Coil Spring Balances

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Unlike the previous window balances, this one has a form of constant force. The function of this coil spring window balance is to balance the window by using a coil spring from stainless steel as its counterbalance. The system is quieter and stronger than some other window balance systems.

4. Clock Spring Balance Systems

what are different window types

This window balance is older than the previous window balance systems. You can find this window balance on many old wooden windows.

The shape of this window is similar to coil spring window balance. Clock spring window balance is also using a coil metal spring to balance the sash’s weight.

You can mount this window balance system in some different ways, such as side-mounted, in the jamb, or overhead.

5. Crossbow Window Balance

types of window balance systems

Another name for these types of window balances is the inverted block and tackle balance system. Just like the previous window balance, crossbow window balance is also an older window balance type. This window balance is so similar to the inverted block and tackle window balance system.

6. Rope and Pulley

types of window sash balances

People also know this window balance by its other name: weight and pully window balance. This one is the original balance system for the window.

Rope and pulley window balance is using large weights that are hidden in cavities beyond the jambs. The ropes will travel up and down when you move the sash.

7. Hybrid System for Window Balance

types of spiral window balances

This window balance system is the latest one and also the most efficient one. The design of this balance is implementing the inner torsion springs that have been pre-tensioned. The goal is to allow for friction lowest level and a more optimal lift assistance.

Which one of the seven types of window balances above is the right one for your window? You need to learn about each type to find the best one for your window. And then get quality window balance that will balance your window in a much better way.

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