7 Types of Window Coverings for Your Interior

GripElements.com – There are various categories of window coverings. They are hard window coverings, soft window coverings, and a combination of both categories. And there are also different types of window coverings everybody should know. Below are the most famous ones.

1. Pleated Blinds

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The material of this window covering is pleated. When you pull up the blind, it will sit flat at the window top so that it will hide from sight when you open it. This window covering has a similar design to cellular blinds. Both of them offer easy control of light.

2. Venetian Blinds

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Some materials to make Venetian blinds include plastic, metal, and wood. The blinds come with strips of cloth or cords or tapes that hang the blinds.

You can rotate all unison slats of the blind through almost 180 degrees. You can rotate the slats so that they will overlap with a side facing inward.

And then you can rotate the slats in the opposite duration so that they are going to overlap with the other side facing inward.

3. Vertical Blinds

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Vertical blinds stand vertically so they will not collect dust like the horizontal blinds above. Vertical blinds are drawn to the side and not lowered and lifted. This means vertical blinds will operate better on windows and doors that will also slide from one side to another side.

Vertical blinds are types of window coverings that are excellent to cover super wide windows. You can also use them for your patio.

4. Shoji Panels

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These window coverings are famous in houses with Japanese decorating or Japanese style. You can use shoji panels as window coverings, door coverings, and room dividers. The materials for these panels are bamboo or wood with translucent rice paper.

Those materials are porous and will let light gets into the room easily. You can use shoji panels as a folding screen as well.

5. Panel Tracks

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These types of window coverings have different names. One of its other names is sliding window panels. Panel tracks are offering a simple, stylish, and versatile solution for picture windows or sliding doors. The design makes panel tracks perfect for the interior with a contemporary or modern style.

6. Drapery

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Curtains or drapery will create a casual, elegant, or sophisticated look to your interior. Drapery comes in various shapes, sizes, materials, patterns, and colors.

Curtains also vary according to ultraviolet light deterioration, clean-ability, dust and oil retention, fire resistance, life span, and noise absorption.

You can move the curtains by hand, with press-button pads, with cords, or with remote-controlled computers. Make sure that you get the best curtain that fits the size of your window.

7. Café Curtains

different types of window coverings

This is a cute window covering that will slide along the rod. It can cover your window’s lower portion or your entire window.

This window covering is great for those who need a lot of sight in your room but also need to keep the room’s lower part private.

The 7 types of window coverings above are going to decorate your interior in different ways. Make sure that you pick the best window covering that matches your interior.

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