Top 8 Long-lasting and Unique Brick Mailbox Designs

Though only a few people receive any mail these days, unique brick mailbox designs can be your consideration to improve the appearance of your house.

The mailbox is more decorative than functional. Here are some designs that can be your inspiration to build one.

1. Slim Mailbox

Slim Mailbox Ideas

A slim mailbox is unique since it will not take up a lot of space on the ground. It looks like a standing lamp, but all parts of the mailbox are made from bricks.

The top part of the mailbox has a half-round design with a small window to put and take the mail. The size is small, yet still functional.

2. Built Mailbox

Built Mailbox Ideas

This style is one of the unique brick mailbox designs since it is a built mailbox. You should be as creative as possible to save space.

You can build a mini planter next to the mailbox to make it look enchanting. The top of the mailbox itself is a triangle which looks like the top of a house.

3. Classic Mailbox

Classic Mailbox Ideas

Just by taking a glance, you know it is a classic mailbox. It looks artistic because you need a proper design to make this mailbox.

The center part is the place to put the mail. Meanwhile, the other parts with twisting bricks are just for an aesthetic look. However, you need a large space to create this.

4. Stepped Pyramid Mailbox

Stepped Pyramid Mailbox

This design looks like a pyramid that only exists in Egypt. The bricks are arranged into a pyramid with many steps.

You may fill the center part of the mailbox with soil or concrete, so it can be stronger. The top of the pyramid is a normal mailbox to place the mail in it.

5. Vintage Planter Mailbox

Unique Brick Mailbox Designs

A vintage planter mailbox is one of the unique brick mailbox designs because it has two functions. The main function is a mailbox, but another function is a planter.

It looks nice if you love gardening because you can maximize the space. Choose a faded color for the bricks, so it looks vintage.

6. Arched Mailbox

Arched Mailbox Ideas

The arched mailbox is very popular brick mailbox design in many areas, especially in Europe. It looks like a mini planter on both sides.

Meanwhile, the mailbox is on the arched part of the mailbox. You can put the code of your address on the arched. It is a big mailbox with a good plan for the design.

7. Light-colored Mailbox

Light-colored Mailbox

The light-colored mailbox is attractive because it does not look like it was made from bricks. You can choose special colors before building the mailbox in front of your house. It can be a single mailbox, but it looks better with two planters on both sides.

8. Short Mailbox

Short Mailbox Ideas

A short mailbox is unique because it is usually at least as tall as an adult. It is only two feet from the ground, but it is still as functional as other designs. You don’t waste a lot of bricks as well to build this mailbox. Put a mini door to put the mail inside.

Those unique brick mailbox designs can be your inspiration to build one in front of your house. The main material is brick, but the color choice will affect the result. Use light-colored ones to make it more modern. The faded-colored bricks are perfect for vintage-style mailboxes.

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