7 Clever Upcycled DIY Kitchen Island You Must Have

What makes a great kitchen? If your answer is kitchen island, then you are correct. Being one of the biggest parts of a kitchen, the island serves as the center stage and focal point. How about adding visual appeal and honing your creative skills with an upcycled DIY kitchen island?

There are so many ideas and inspirations when it comes to kitchen islands, but creating ones from upcycled furniture pieces can upgrade your creativity.

You can repurpose old drawers, dressers, and even a rolling cart to create a unique, one-of-a-kind kitchen island.

1. Repurposed Kitchen Island with Hidden Storage

Upcycled DIY Kitchen Island

Transform your old table into a kitchen island with hidden storage. It offers a brilliant storage solution for saving space, allowing you to keep cooking utensils out of sight for a tidy kitchen.

Coming with a simple design, you can do this woodworking project by yourself.

2. Upcycled Sofa Table Kitchen Island

Upcycled DIY Kitchen Island

If you have an unused coffee table then repurposing it into a kitchen island can be a clever idea.

Repurposed sofa table makes a unique island for a different experience of food preparation. While the drawer can be a nice place for cutleries, lower shelving can keep your utensils organized.

3. Rustic Metal Rolling Cart Kitchen Island

Upcycled DIY Kitchen Island

This is a fantastic idea of upcycled DIY kitchen island you can copy. Made from an old rolling cart, this kitchen island has a modern marble top where you can easily prepare food, cut veggies, and more. It also features a lower shelf where you can store any kind of stuff.

What’s more, a rustic metal rolling cart kitchen island can be a nice addition for your outdoor kitchen. Made from sturdy metal, it can be an attractive and long-lasting island to make food prep even much easier.

 4. Old Dresser Kitchen Island


Give a new life to your old dresser with this upcycled kitchen island idea. How to turn a dresser into a kitchen island with seating is pretty simple.

Simply retouch the furniture piece with fresh paint and attach some hooks for additional functionality. Get some stools or chairs that match with the dresser, and you are done.

If you expect more durability, you may want to add a marble top. This allows you to do a cutting job without worrying about scratching the wood surface.

5. Repurposed Kitchen Cabinet


How about transforming your kitchen cabinet into a kitchen island? Not only does it give you a new spot for food prep, it also helps simplify your budget.

No need to buy a store-bought kitchen island because your old kitchen cabinet will do.

6. Reclaimed Wood Pallet Kitchen Island


Upcycled wood pallets can turn into an adorable island to complement your farmhouse kitchen.

With a little creativity, you can build a sturdy and distinct kitchen island without having to break the savings. Paint the pallets with your favorite colors to match other elements in your cooking space.

7. Bedroom Dresser Kitchen Island


Made from an old bedroom dresser, this is a versatile island you can get in the kitchen. The upcycled DIY kitchen island has drawers and lower shelving where you can keep everything in place. Make a little reparation when needed.

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