Ways to Make Your Basement a Functional Part of the Home

Most people use basements as nonfunctional spaces to store or dump things. Transforming your basement into usable space and incorporating it as part of the house will add your property value incredibly, besides increasing the square footage.

Altering basements may not be as easy as the other rooms. While house structures vary, many basements have minimal or no natural light, low ceiling heights, dampness, and poor accessibility.

Thankfully, you can remodel your house by utilizing the basement with the following tips. Here are some hacks.

How to Make Your Basement a Functional Room

How to Make Your Basement a Functional Room

Let there be Light!

Increasing natural light is one of the best ways to bring life into your basement. Use top light through exterior panels, roof windows, or glass balustrades and open trends to harvest as much light as possible. You can introduce new windows to your basement and increase the comfort level.

The use of light paint will also help to make the space brighter and more inviting. When choosing to light the basement, gleaming lights will work well.

Glazed light wells are three times brighter than sidelights and brighten dark basement areas. They will also free your walls to allow you to use them for other purposes.

Consider using reflective surfaces as mirrors enhance small spaces and boost light levels.

Connect Water and Electricity

Fitting electricity and water in a basement may cost more than you wish. Investing in plumbing and power cables is a worthy investment as this will allow more uses for the space. Even with little space, you will have more options for using the room.

Due to their positioning, most basements are extremely cold and damp, making the environment harmful. Connecting electricity to the basement will allow you to install AC systems to make your space conducive.

You will need many well-positioned sockets for different gadgets, depending on the function of your space.

Get Professionals for the Various Jobs

One of the most common and severe basement problems is water damage. Look out for any water stains, strange water damage smell, or damaging wooden parts and get a professional to repair them. Get the basement waterproofed. While DIY may appear like a great way of saving extra coins, engage experts for your plumbing job to prevent future problems.

Poor electrical wiring may pose a fire hazard. Ensure that the fuses are up to date and do not overload the breaker box. Get an electrician to have all the wiring thoroughly checked.

Converting a basement into a functional room is an exciting but extremely sensitive idea. Many things can go wrong. Work with experts to get the best results and make the most out of your basement.

Some Rooms You Can Make From the Basement

Ways to Make Your Basement a Functional Part of the Home

Annex: Does an extra self-contained room sound like a pipeline dream? You can design a semi-independent space for your older teens or aging relatives. This way, you will all live under the same roof while maintaining privacy.

Entertainment Room: Basements are perfect spaces for entertainment, from children’s play areas and pool tables to media rooms. Depending on your family’s needs and preferences, you can convert your basement space into a place you can all go to have fun and recharge.

Home Office: Working from home can pose a considerable challenge due to the many distractions. You can have some peace away from the rest by setting up a home office in the basement.

Laundry and Storage Area: Since some basement spaces are small, they can only serve as utility areas. Install units and shelves that you can neatly tuck stuff away. Watch out not to turn it into a dustbin! Only keep what is in use and avoid accumulating clutter.


Your basement can play host to many different rooms. If you have a separate entrance in the basement, it offers more flexibility.

As you embark on your basement conversion project, set a budget for soundproofing to contain the noise.

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