What Is Paint Primer and What Is It For?

Many people may not have the right idea about what is paint primer and a few more things about it. It is that way because it is a term specific to a particular field or scope.

Yet, it remains necessary to know all about it because it may come in handy one day. For example, repainting one of the rooms at home will benefit from knowing things about it.

The Definition

Paint Primer is

The paint primer is fundamentally an undercoat or underlayer of any painting surface. Regardless of the things to paint, applying paint primer is mandatory.

The general understanding is that this particular layer or coat optimizes the painting result. That is the most straightforward way of understanding this type of paint.

Of course, it comes before the necessary paints when painting any object. It is easy to notice the difference between paint that has primer underneath and one that does not use it.

Even in a small-scale painting project, it is crucial to use the appropriate primer beforehand. In the end, it is pretty much like a base layer for clothing.

The Functions

After knowing what is paint primer, it is also important to know all about its functions. Without a doubt, there are several functions to expect from this particular thing.

The first function is to eliminate uneven surfaces on the object to paint. An uneven surface will often lead to imperfection later on after the painting process. At this point, sanding is also necessary after applying the first layer of primer.

The second function is to hold the paint better than painting without any primer undercoat. At this point, it is important to understand the different types of primer paint for different surfaces. So, do not use the same primer for plastic and metal surface for the best painting result on each one of them.

The third function is to bring out the color of the primary paint. Incorporating the appropriate primer will boost the color of the paint in use. Painting a helmet red will produce a different shade of red when using either a grey primer or white primer.

Choose and Use the Right One

What Is Paint Primer

Following the fundamental idea of what is paint primer, it is advisable to always look for the right one accordingly.

Believe it or not, different paint finishes require different primer coating as well. For example, painting a car body with a metallic finish requires another primer paint from a glossy finish.

Consider the Need

Regardless of the importance of a paint primer, it may not be necessary to use it at all times. For example, repainting interior walls using the same color as before will not need a primer coating. So, there is no need to stick to the idea of using primer at all times.

In the end, it is necessary to assess the condition of the object to paint beforehand. For the first paint application on any object, a prime coat is a must. That is a bit of what is paint primer and a few more things about it.

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