Types of Services that Landscapers Provide

Are you curious about what type of services do landscapers provide? The main task of landscapers is, of course, maintaining a landscape.

Understanding different types of landscaping services will help you know which one you need for your garden or yard.

For landscapers themselves, understanding types of landscaping services can deliver your service based on customer requirements and help them decide which one they really need.

So, here are the types of landscaping services that landscapers mostly provide.

Lawn Mowing

The first service that landscapers provide is lawn mowing. This service includes blow-off of stubborn surfaces, hedging, and spring trimming.

It also depends on the contract that you make with the landscaper because not all landscaping services will provide everything.

You can ask for customized or personalized packages of landscaping services. Lawn mowing on a regular basis will keep your lawn looking gorgeous.

Professional landscapers will do a pretty job of those edges and weird corners, while cleaning after the job is done as well.

Note that professional lawn mowing is not an instant task. There is no need for you to have a mower if you have a regular contract with the landscaper.

They will bring the equipment themselves and may even offer a lawn care service as well, such as refurbishment or feeding.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Planting bigger plants like trees and shrubs can be challenging. But a professional landscaper can help you to pick the right size plants for your garden.

They can also help you to keep the trees and shrubs neat and beautiful in your garden. This service requires pro-level loppers and ladders.


Mulching is a great way to make your garden look pleasant. It also has some pragmatic advantages of water retention among plants via weed control and root insulation.

This is generally done once or twice a year, depending on the type of plant you have. If you have a spacious garden, it can be a pretty big project to mulch all the trees, shrubs, and beds.

Your landscape contract may include twice mulch a year as part of the general maintenance.

Landscape Design

Landscapers also offer landscape designing as part of their services, which covers setting up a new flower bed and choosing the right plants.

This service can also help you with something more structural, such as a new patio or path. Experienced landscapers can help you to achieve your dream garden as well as should be able to help you with any paperwork.

Seasonal Display

Last but not least is the seasonal display. This landscaping service can make your garden landscape look way more beautiful and charming.

The seasonal display service also includes seasonal blooming flowers and even fall maintenance. This way, you can present to your guests the greenery during the festive events.

Landscapers will need skills and a complete set of tools to provide a perfect seasonal display.

Those are the types of landscaping services that landscapers mostly provide. Which service do you want to choose to beautify your garden?

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