Where Does Grass Seed Come From? Here are The Interesting Facts

If there is a beautiful and well-maintained stretch of grass in your yard, it will definitely look attractive, right? Because of that, many people have started cultivating ornamental grass to beautify their home page.

But the question is: where does grass seed come from? Well, to make you understand more about where does the grass seed come from, then read the full explanation below.

What are Grass Seeds and Where Do They Come From?

Grass seeds come from a group of flowers called “inflorescences.” The flower group has male and female elements which can later produce seeds that can grow into new grass stalks.

Well, it turns out that there are grass species that reproduce through “the apomixis” method where the grass does not need to be fertilized because the seeds can produce clones of the parent grass.

Since the grass seeds will continue to exist and spread so that new grass grows, you will need to mow the grass regularly to keep it neat and not spread too much. However, it turns out that there is grass that, although still short, can spread quickly.

So, actually… where does most grass seed come from? That’s because there are some species of grass that can also spread through underground stems or called rhizomes so grass shoots can grow from those rhizomes.

If you ask about “where does grass seed come from” then the answer is very easy. You just have to let the grasses grow and they will produce new shoots on their own. Grass is also easier to spread if the soil is wet.

Can You Harvest Your Own Grass Seeds?

Yes, you can actually harvest the grass seeds yourself. Then, where does grass seed come from and how to pick it up? Well, you have to stop mowing the grass and let the flowers bloom. Then, collect the flowers and that’s when you start harvesting the grass seeds.

Make sure that the flowers are in good condition and dry. So you need to dry it first. After that, cut the flowers and store them in a dry paper bag. Next, shake the paper bag to separate the seeds.

After the seeds are separated, you need to separate them manually again so that all the seeds are completely collected. Happy! You now have your own grass seed. Store the seeds in a dry and cool place as supplies so you can plant them later.

Then how to plant grass seed? First, you prepare an empty jar. Then fill that jar with soil, then put the seeds on top of the soil. This will help the seeds settle to the ground.

Don’t forget to water it carefully. You should also make sure that no weeds appear during this early growing period.

Now The Question is: Where Do Commercial Grass Seeds Come From?

When talking about where does grass seed come from, especially for grass seed that is sold in the market, the question arises: where do the commercial seeds come from? Actually, the grass seeds you buy are mixed seeds.

Most contractors who build new homes will buy mixed grass that contains ryegrass, which is a type of grass that grows quickly and does not require complicated maintenance.

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