The Best 8 Designs of White House Black Trim

Many people build a white house black trim since it lends a sophisticated look. The origin of this style is from a Mediterranean area, but now many people in other areas apply this style. It has traditional and simple vibes at the same time.

Here are some best designs for this house.

1. Panel Combination

Panel Combination Design

This house has a combination of horizontal and vertical panels. However, they are placed in different builds of the house.

The panels are white, but the rest of the element consists of black colors such as the roof, awning, and windows. It is an excellent idea for a large-sized house.

2. Modern House

Modern House Design

A lot of modern houses adopt a white house black trim design because it looks minimalist. The combination of those colors is enchanting.

The modern house has many windows for natural light from the sun. The panels are all-white with black pillars and black window frames.

3. Mixed Monochrome Texture


The house has white-colored dominance, where the black is the trim. However, the sides of the house are black for the upper parts.

This house is perfect if your area has a long winter where the summer is not too hot. The black area will absorb the heat to keep the house warm.

4. Traditional House

white house black trim

A traditional white house black trim has another level. The main materials of the house are white-painted bricks and metal frames for the window. The accent for the door is arched doors, but the windows are simply rectangular.

5. Castle House

Castle House Design

The castle house is another perfection to execute the white house with black trims. It is a big house with different parts of the house, including a number of rooftops.

The main walls are white with natural stones or bricks. Meanwhile, the door, frames, and roof are black.

6. House with Large Garage

House with Large Garage

This house is simple because it does not look big, but actually, it is a hidden house. The big part of the house is the garage with black large doors.

The room on the top of the garage is part of the house. The main walls are all black with pale black for the roof.

7. Three-floor House

Three-floor House

This house is not large, but it has many rooms since it is a three-floor house. The position of the house is indifferent land slopes, so some parts of the house only have two floors. The house has many arched doors and rectangular windows for every room.

8. Simple White House

Simple White House

Though it only has a floor and looks simple, the house is visually dazzling. The walls are all white with a black roof, awning, and window frames. This house is perfect for those who want an inexpensive design but the result is great like the Mediterranean style.

The white house black trim is now adopted in many countries because it is classic and minimalist at the same time. You do not spend much on the paint combination. However, you have to consider the weather since a black roof will absorb heat.

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