Why Are My Decking Screws Snapping – Simple Solution

Why are my decking screws snapping? Due to various factors, including weather and inappropriate use, decking screws can become loose over time.

The screw may even completely break off in some circumstances. When this occurs, the decking loses its stability and may begin to sag or wobble.

Common Issues of Decking Screws Snapping

Why are my decking screws snapping after some time? The issue of decking screws snapping during installation is one that many homeowners deal with.

This is typically brought on by one of the following factors: Loose decking, which can shift around and cause the screws to snap if they are not tightened properly. Improperly fitted screws or bolts can easily break if they are not inserted properly into the wood.

Decking that has begun to deteriorate from use over time increases the risk that it will crack when put under pressure from screws.

Excessively thick decking will make it difficult to insert screws uniformly and will probably cause them to break under tension.

The Reasons Decking Screws Snap

A pergola that has a snapped decking screw could soon become weak. It won’t hold up against storm winds.

Numerous factors can cause decking screws to break, but overtightening is the main offender. The improper preparation of a deck before installation could result in screws snapping.

Another frequent problem is when screws or nails break because they were put too close together. Another significant factor in deck screw failure is improperly installed railing. It’s a must to remove and replace the problematic board or railings as soon as you notice snapping screws.

How to Fix a Snap in the Decking

Decking snaps can be annoying if not correctly fixed. They result from defective decking screws that do not fully thread into the decking boards.

Using a putty knife or chisel, clear the area surrounding the screw hole before attempting to repair a snapped decking screw. After that, remove the problematic screw from the board by unscrewing it with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Change the screw with one that is the same size and threads through the wood. With a hammer and socket wrench, install the new screw, then reattach any fasteners that were taken off in step four.

Finally, manually verify that all screws are secure before sanding down any protruding edges on the board to complete the project.

Future Prevention of Decking Screw Snapping

Future decking snapping is frequently caused by defective decking screws. By utilizing a screwdriver specifically for decking screws, you can avoid this problem.

How tight you need to tighten the screws also depends on the kind of screwdriver you use. Make sure the screws are not overtightened and that the head of each screw is buried beneath the decking material as you tighten them.

Contact a qualified contractor for assistance if your decking does snap or has any other issues.


Your decking screws may be snapping for some causes, including rust and over-tightening. It could be a good idea to have your screws checked by a professional if you notice that they are snapping more frequently. You got the answer to the question why are my decking screws snapping

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