Why Does My Electric Gate Not Work? 4 Common Problems Gate Owners Often Don’t Realize

Having an electric gate is great. You can automatically open and close it anytime. It is also effectively protecting your property and pets.

Unfortunately, some people have to face a problem with their gates. They often get shocked and ask why does my electric gate not work. So, here are the common problems and how to fix them.

A problem with the Photocells

One of the common reasons why your electric gate does not work is because of the photocells. Photocells feature keeps the gate open when there is a car, pet, or people passing by. Manufacturers often install two photocells on the opposite sides of the gate.

It works with the help of an infrared beam between them. The gate doesn’t work when the beam is broken. In this condition, your gate will be fully open.

Call a technician right away to ensure that there is a problem with the photocells. The technician will replace this feature with a new one to make the gate work normally.

A Power Outage Issue

Be sensitive and try to find a burning smell around the gate. Another reason why your automatic gate doesn’t work can be because the power outage has blown the fuse. It can be a variety of things, such as overheating and even lighting.

The common sign of this issue is the burning smell around the power outage board. Try to anticipate it by installing a surge protector on the power outage board.

Call a technician immediately to fix this problem. You should have specific skills and knowledge to repair this problem by yourself. If it is not, fixing this problem by yourself is so dangerous.

The Batteries are Dead

So, why does my electric gate not work even if there is no problem with the photocells and power outage? It can be because the remote batteries are dead. It is a simple issue that most automatic gate owners don’t realize. They often forget to check the batteries.

The sign that the remote works well is the red light. This reading light appears anytime you press the remote button to open or close the gate. Now, try to press the remote button and check the light. It is a problem if the red light doesn’t appear.

Buy new batteries and replace the old ones. If it doesn’t solve the problem, there is a problem with the hardware. Call a technician to ensure what is happening with the automatic gate remote.

The Automatic Gate Doesn’t Want to Move

There is a case where the gate doesn’t want to move even if the system is fine. Check the track or rail. The gate may stop moving because the rail is so dirty. Clean up the real first from dust, dirt, and debris. Then, try to operate your automatic gate once again.

It should be run normally if there are no other problems. In the end, you don’t have to ask why does my electric gate not work anymore because it is working now. You can open and close the gate just like before.

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