Why Is My AC Unit Leaking Water Inside and How to Solve the Problems?

Why is my ac unit leaking water and stopped working? Ac is needed in all homes especially when you are living in a place with a hot temperature. People can add ac units in one room or more rooms in their home.

There are some benefits of using an air conditioner but most people find some problems too related with their ac unit.

Most people often find water in their air conditioner. Your ac unit contains an evaporator coil that will cool the warm air.

The condensation process will cause water droplets like what we can find in a cold glass of water in hot weather. For you who find leaking water in your ac unit, you better check the common cause of why is my ac unit leaking water.

Drain Line Gets Clogged

The common cause is your ac drain line gets clogged with some elements such as mold, dirt, dust, and water backs. What you need to do is unclog the drain.

There are some unclog methods that you can do such as using wet vac or dry vac on the condensate line. You can also call a professional to help you unclog the drain line for the best result.

Drain Pan Gets Rusted

The second common cause of water leaking inside of ac units is because of rusted drain pan. It usually happens to you who have already used your ac unit for 12 years or more. You better replace the drain pan but it is better to replace your old ac unit with the new one.

Bad Condensate Pump

For you who install your ac unit in the basement, you often find condensate pump problems.

When the pump is broken, it will not be able to pump outside anymore and it means you need to replace the pump with the new one. You can repair it when it is possible or you better replace it.

Check the Air Filter

The other cause is the dirty air filter. The dirty air filter will block the airflow in the ac evaporator coil. When you find this problem, the evaporator coil will cool and even freeze.

You need to check the condition of the air filter regularly. You change it every one for up to 3 months.

Low Pressure of AC System

The last cause is low pressure in your ac system. When you find that the coil melts, the water will flow to the drain pan.

How to check whether your ac unit is in a low refrigerant or not? You can check by feeling whether the air conditioner is cooling well or not. If you hear hissing and bubbling noise, it is a sign of a refrigerant leak.

For all of you who have already replaced the air filter in your ac unit but you don’t get the solution, you better call the professional one.

There are so many repair experts that will help you check the condition of the ac unit. The price of their service will depend on your ac unit’s problem. When you need to replace more parts of your ac unit, you will need to pay a higher price.

You can get the best repair expert by searching in some sources. Please make sure that you choose the best repair expert that helps you answer the question, why is my ac unit leaking water.

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