Possible Reasons Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House?

Some people ask why is my air conditioner not cooling the house? There are some possible reasons why your Ac is not blowing the cold air in the room. You should not be frustrated because of this condition.

When you find this condition, you need to get a solution fast. Here are some possible reasons why your AC doesn’t work well in the room and the actions to repair your AC.

Check The Thermostat

The first thing that you must do is check the setting of the thermostat. Some AC units can’t blow the cold air because of the wrong setting in the thermostat. Y

ou need to check the thermostat first and then make sure that the AC thermostat is set in a Cool setting. You need to check the fan setting too.

You need to choose ON, and it will affect the cooling process. If you like to set it automatically, you better choose AUTO on the fan setting.

Replace Air Filter

The second thing that may cause your air conditioner to not cool anymore is because the air filter is dirty. You need to clean the air filter from the dust, trap dander, and do some other things.

You can also replace your air filter with a new air filter. A dirty air filter makes your Ac works so hard to produce cooling air in the room.

You need to change the air filter regularly. You can check some steps to replace the air filter on your ac in some sources.

Refrigerant Leak

Why is my air conditioner not cooling the house? The reason is maybe because of the leak of your refrigerant. Refrigerant is the cooling part in your AC that will control the air conditioning system.

What do you do when your AC refrigerant is leaking? You need to call professional help and then make a schedule to repair your AC.

Weak Airflow

The other reason why you can’t get maximum Ac performance is because of insufficient airflow. You need to check whether the air flowing from the vents of your AC or not. If you still feel a strong airflow then everything is fine.

If you check AC vents and you feel weak airflow, you better continue to check the grates. You may find some dust and dirt there, and you must clean all first to get strong airflow again.

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Dirty AC Coils

The last possible reason why your Ac is not blowing cool air in the room is that dirty AC coils. You need to check your Ac coils regularly.

You also need to check the evaporator coils. If you find dirt and grime, you need to clean first.

Unfortunately, to clean evaporator coils, you can’t do it by yourself. You need to clean evaporator coils by calling expert technicians to help you.

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Ac regularly are needed. If you don’t have enough time to clean everything by yourself, then you can get help from a professional.

When every part of your AC is clean, your AC will work well to blow cool air to your room. Now, people get answers to the question why is my air conditioner not cooling the house?

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