Find Explanation on Question: Why is My House So Humid with the AC On?

There are so many people asking the question, “why is my house so humid with the ac on?” You need to know the idea and the concept of Ac in your home.

The air conditioner in your home is not reducing the humidity in your home. It just makes your home feel cool.

If you feel worse in your home because of your AC, you better know some common issues related to your Ac. You may get further information about your AC below.

Facts of Humid Feel in Your House

There are some facts related to the air conditioner in your home. The first fact that you must know is that the Air Conditioner’s task is to cool your room but not to remove humidity.

You need to check the thermostat status. You recommend setting your AC in “on” instead of setting your AC in “auto” status. You can check some parts of your AC like your Ac fan mode.

You can set your ac fan mode in “on” mode because the condensation on the refrigerant coils will not get the opportunity to drip off.

You can feel the difference when you set the ac to auto mode, and on mode. You can feel humid in your home.

Second, why is my house so humid with the ac on is because of foam insulation. The type of Ac insulation will influence the humidity of your home.

The type of insulation usually used in the attic will give extra humidity to the room. What must you do then? You need to heat and then moisture the Attic which will help it to find the way to the duct system.

Third, the other reason why your home is so humid is because of leaky ducts. You can check the ductwork. If you find any leaks, it is possible to pull the hot humid air from the attic to your ductwork and then flow into your home.

Fourth, you can check the kitchen fans in your home. If you find that the powered vents are extra strong, they may pull the air from the attic and then increase humidity in your home.

Solve Attic Problems

For all of you who find that the Attic is the main problem of the humidity in your home, you better do some steps here to solve the problem.

  • You need to do an attic inspection to make sure that the attic is sealed or not.
  • You need to hear the ductwork to check the leak in the ductwork
  • You can run the dehumidifier that you can find in the Attic.

Your Ac may not be the main problem with the home’s humidity. You should consider the layout of your home too. You who have more than one floor need to find the reason for your home’s humid problem.

You may run a dehumidifier upstairs in your home to help your AC work better and to control the climate inside of the home.

You can consult with an expert if you still don’t find the solution to your home’s humidity. You may check your ductwork design in your room and add more ventilation vents to feel better in your home.

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