A Checklist for Your Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Interior Design – Many of us aspire to have a really nice bathroom, and the idea of designing our bathroom can excite us. However, proper planning is key to success because bathrooms can be tricky and overwhelming too.

For more information on inspirational bathroom interior designs, feel free to check out Victoria Plum. So before you start planning any modifications for your restroom, here is a checklist of the essentials every restroom should have. 


When arranging the infrastructure necessities for your bathroom, the toilet is the first component of the sanitary ware that really needs attention.

Despite being the last item requiring installation in your bathroom, it is critical to decide where it will be best positioned. 

Restroom layouts have now progressed from traditional to a variety of complex options. This gives you the freedom to experiment with the layout as a homeowner. The available options for a toilet these days include:

  • Wall-mounted toilets 
  • Standing toilets 
  • Rimless toilets 
  • One-piece toilets
  • Close-coupled toilets 

You can select a suitable one among these based on your preference and comfort. A wall-mounted or ringed seat, for example, might be appropriate if the restroom owner is elderly or has children.

This is because wall-mounted seats come adjustable, whereas ringed toilet seats can reduce the chance of slipping.


Vanity units combine the sink with the storage cabinets around them, providing ample storage space for other necessities.

The size and appearance of the vanity can have an impact on the bathroom décor. It is best to plan all of the things you would like in the restroom at the same time to guarantee that everything fits together nicely and is organized.

Countertop Sinks

Countertop sinks are ideal for brightening up small bathrooms and do not require a considerable amount of space.

Countertops come in various materials like quartz, marble, tiles, and granite. Since each of these materials is unique in its style, they can be used in multiple layouts and budgets. 

Restroom Flooring

Along with the cabinets and ceramic designs, flooring designs also need timely planning. Restroom floorings should be able to handle anything from toothpaste to washbasin splatters or even makeup stains. 

It should also be strong enough to support the weight of floor-standing cabinets. Tiles are the most common bathroom flooring material due to their humidity resistance and their waterproof nature.

They also come in various sizes, styles, textures, and prices, making them a good style match and a budget-friendly option. 

Shower Fixtures

Another design concept you will have to come up with would be the size and functionality of the bathing space. You can choose a separate tub and shower, a combination of the two, or even a traditional walk-in shower. 

It all depends on your preference and convenience with your restroom. Determine their usage prior to how you would like to use the shower fixtures.

This would depend on factors like whether you are right-handed or left-handed or if you even want a seat in your bathing area. 

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