Top 11+ Best Bathroom Tile Floor Ideas for Better Bathroom

Bathroom Tile Floor Ideas – Does your bathroom floor tile look worn out and need replacement? If it does, you need to replace it right away. A worn out floor is unattractive and seems dirty. In addition, it can be dangerous for your safety because it may get slippery.

That’s why, it is important for you to replace it. If you need some bathroom flooring ideas, you can take a look at these inspiring bathroom tile floor ideas.

1. Monochrome Mosaic Floor

Mosaic Floor

This monochrome mosaic bathroom floor tile is simply gorgeous. Your bathroom will surely look enchanting if you have this flooring.

Moreover, this timeless beauty goes well with many neutral colors. Therefore, it will likely match your bathroom vanity and other fixtures.

2. Emerald Green Tile

 Green Tile

This emerald green tile looks beautiful combined with the white wall and white tub. Moreover, its herringbone pattern makes this bathroom looks unique and larger.

Aside from being attractive, this particular tile idea also meets your safety standard. The smaller tile pieces on this floor will add more friction. Therefore, you will less likely to slip on it.

3. Tile Floor for Tiny Bathroom

bathroom tile floor ideas

Having a tiny bathroom doesn’t mean that you cannot make it attractive. For a small bathroom, you can choose this dark and larger tile.

The size of this tile offers you with lesser grout lines. Therefore, your vision will have less borders and the room will seem larger. If you want to make your bathroom more spacious, you can opt for bright neutral color tile.

4. Farmhouse Bathroom with Wooden Floor

Bathroom with Wooden Floor

Some homeowners may dislike wooden bathroom floor. They think that it is better for dry surface. However, with the right treatment, a waterproof wooden floor will last long and stay beautiful.

This unfinished wooden bathroom floor is also great for a small bathroom. Its light gray color can reflect more light. Therefore, your bathroom will look more spacious.

5. Rustic Porcelain Floor Tile Idea

Floor Tile Ideas

This rustic porcelain tile idea may seem unclean for some homeowners. However, the clean white vanity and wall tile balance the rustic look very well.

The floor’s unique appearance will be perfect for you who love a rustic look. And, of course, it will match your rustic interior excellently.

6. Patterned Ceramic Tile

Patterned Ceramic Tile

This patterned ceramic tile looks attractive and elegant. Its neutral color looks beautiful combined with the brown vanity and white wall. A patterned ceramic floor is not only attractive. But, it is also pretty easy to maintain and durable.

7. Grab Subway Tile

Subway Tile

If you want to create a clean, modern, and minimalist bathroom, you can choose this grab subway tile. Combining this tile with a black vanity and white fixtures will make your bathroom looks amazing.

8. Futuristic Blue Bathroom Tile Floor Ideas

Blue Bathroom Tile Floor Ideas

This futuristic bathroom tile idea is very creative. In addition, it is unusual but attractive. Having it will surely make your bathroom looks incredibly beautiful.

9. Natural Bathroom with Black-White Flooring

Black-White Flooring

If you love simplicity, this black and white bathroom flooring can be your best choice. The combination of this flooring and white fixtures and white wall will make your bathroom look simple but elegant. For a focal point, you can hang some potted plants.

10. Blue-White Beautiful Bathroom Flooring

Beautiful Bathroom Flooring

This blue-white bathroom tile idea looks elegant and gorgeous. The small pattern of this floor tile creates an illusion that you have a larger bathroom. Therefore, it is perfect for smaller bathroom.

11. Wooden Flooring with Glass Door

 Glass Door

If you want to create an unusual look in your bathroom, you can combine wooden floor with glass door like this bathroom idea. There are various flooring types that are used in it. Therefore, it is more perfect for a larger bathroom.

Which one of those bathroom tile floor ideas that you will choose? Whichever it is, you must make sure that it matche the style of your interior and the size of your bathroom.

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