A Guide to an Organized Kitchen Space 

The kitchen is an important part of someone’s home. It’s not only a place for cooking and eating food, but it’s also often the heart of the home, where family members and friends gather to spend time together. Therefore, it is not only important to make your kitchen beautiful, but also to always keep it tidy and clean.

Organizing your kitchen can be time-consuming, especially when you have so many appliances but very few spaces.

If you are the type of person who likes to cook, then it is necessary to ensure that your appliances are arranged nicely and easily to grab on the spot.

Some appliances that you do not use often can be kept somewhere hidden, whereas the ones you use daily should be put on display, so you do not have to search through the kitchen frantically when cooking.

Here are some pointers on how to store your kitchen appliances in the kitchen:

Group Your Appliances and Minimize Them

Before organizing your kitchen appliances, it is recommended to sort them based on their frequency of use: frequently, hardly, and never used.

This way, you can decide which should go into the kitchen cabinet or which should stay on the countertop to make it easier for you to reach.

Three general guidelines are to keep frequently used appliances on the countertop or the lowest rack of an upper cabinet for easy access.

Meanwhile, you can put rarely used appliances at the top of the cabinets. As for the never-used items, you can donate them.

Apart from that, it is also advisable to have one appliance with multiple functions. This helps you save more space in your kitchen because kitchen appliances can be space-consuming.

For instance, consider purchasing a high-quality blender that also functions as a food processor, so you do not have to buy both.

Keep the Appliances You Frequently Used

A Guide to an Organized Kitchen Space 
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The appliances you use regularly should be placed where you can use them. Some might prefer to have an empty and clean countertop, but you can always store the commonly used appliance like bread toaster and coffee maker in the center. It all depends on how you prefer your kitchen to look.

A tip for you is to make sure that your knife, cutting board, sauté pan, and stockpot should always be within reach. This saves a lot of time when you want to cook just a simple dish rather than having to find all the appliances.

Give Away or Sell Your Unused Appliances

Despite being a no-brainer, this can be the most difficult step to do when you are the type to treasure every item you have.

Sometimes, when you need to throw something away, you will suddenly feel the urge to use it. But no matter how many times you think you are going to use it, you will not, and it is time to let it go.

For instance, think of the items such as the juice blender and egg poachers. If you use them, it is good. But if not, you might want to consider giving them away to make space for kitchen appliances that you use daily.

A friendly tip if you feel that it is hard for you to decide whether you should give it away, put them on the countertop. If you are finally using it, then keep it. If not, just give it to someone you know.

Use Pull-Out Storage to Save More Space

Pull-out storage might be the best idea for you to organize your kitchen. It is not only limited to kitchen appliances, but you can also store your spices, cooking oil, sauces, and other cooking essentials.

Apart from having easy access to them, pull-out storage helps to keep the items properly tucked away. You would be amazed at how much space is left when you use pull-out storage.

Use Cart for Storing Big Appliances

Keeping your kitchen well organized does not necessarily mean you need to have kitchen cabinets. If you are on a budget, a kitchen cart might be the best for you because it is much cheaper compared to having whole sets of cabinets.

Carts usually have three wide shelves. Depending on what size you would like to buy, big carts can be suitable for storing those big kitchen appliances such as microwave oven, rice cooker or water boiler. Carts are moveable, too, so you do not have to worry about carrying your oven whenever you want to use it.

Transfer Cooking Ingredients into Jar

Having many packages in your kitchen cabinets could be messy. This is especially when you need to find one ingredient at the spot and end up having to take out all packages from the cabinets. These packages take up space in the drawers and might cause some spillage.

A Guide to an Organized Kitchen Space 
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One of the recommended ways to properly organize your cooking ingredients is by using jars or small bins. For instance, you can store sugar, herbs, macaroni, or even your tea bags in smaller jars.

Make sure you label them accordingly to make it is easy for you to find them. You would be surprised at how organized your kitchen will look if you do this.

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