Preparation Essentials For Your Home For Every Season

Season changes are a funny business to deal with. On the one hand, you have different environments whether it’s the green in spring or Sunday brunches in Summer.

Sadly on the other hand many of us are at a loss about how to prepare our homes for the oncoming seasonal changes. Pandemic or not, it is our homes that we spend the most time in.

After a long day at work or an exhausting weekend, all we want to do is return to the comfort of our homes, and what’s better than a home that is ready for you in every season?

The following tips will not only help you engage mentally with different activities but will also spice up your home to be more welcoming and season-friendly in its aesthetic.

These tips are all rental friendly because as all of us know, while we may want to make our apartments into cozy nooks, the restrictions that come with it often constrict us from achieving it. 

So look no further, for these tips are here to spice up your apartment as well as your life during the constant season changes, all the while steering clear of the owner’s scorn and lastly, all within a budget.


Honestly, most of us prefer the warmth and comfort of the bed in winters to any other place in our house or apartment.

It’s time we re-imagine the bedroom of our dreams so that it becomes a happy corner of the house, be it summer or winter.

You can also consult your home insurance provider to receive tips to winterize your rental apartment, apart from receiving financial coverage for any damage to your property.

Tip #1- Curtains

We cannot stress how important curtains are for the overall appearance of a room and especially the bedroom.

Moreover, curtains are also equally important to regulate room temperature by letting sun rays into the room during the day and blocking the cold at night.

It is crucial to select a curtain made out of a fabric that can easily deal with your winter needs. While in summer light fabrics will do the trick!

It would be best to go for Satin, Polyester curtains, or even thicker fabric like Jute in warmer shades of yellow, beige, orange, peach, and so on for winters while keeping darker cooler shades in cotton, linen, or handloom for warmer weathers.

Both Jute and Satin are breathable materials that easily allow sunlight and warmth to reach your bedroom but also act as amazing insulators as they are thicker.

The lighter colors also uplift the mood of the room. The darker curtains help block sun-rays during warmer weather but also allow amazing air circulation because of their cotton or linen fabric.

Tip #2- Rugs and Blankets

Not many people have a lot of floor space or amenities to clean an entire floor rug spanning the entire floor area, but everyone also hates that feeling when our feet touch the cold hard floors, after a goodnight’s sleep. The easy and affordable solution to this is area rugs.

Area rugs are very versatile and they not only come in all shapes and sizes but they also have a diverse range of textures from faux grass, faux fur to fuzzy or just smooth carpet-y ones.

The most interesting part about these curtains is that you can easily toss them in the washer if they get dirty as all of them are easily washable and do not need the same kind of maintenance as an expansive carpet. And what’s more, they are season change friendly! 

Since Blankets are a necessity as well as another way to add funk into your room, try and go for whacky designs and bold colors to make the room livelier and keep plenty of blankets at hand! Just in Case!

During warmer months, ditch the blanket for bed sheets, bed covers, pillows and duvet covers for that extra pop of colors! 


Tip #3 Wall Art

While monsoons can be really fun, the damp weather and stains on the walls can be disturbing enough. What should you do? There are several hacks to combat monsoon blues and enjoy the season to the fullest. 

A great way to spice up your living room is to add the peel-off wall art. This is especially crucial for monsoons as your walls might be damp and peel off all the paint.

Hence, a peel-off wall art is always better. A host of these are available on online shopping sites and can be bought without a burning hole in your pocket.

What’s best about peel-off wall art is that they are temporary, so your landlord cannot trace it and it is also very easy and fuss-free to apply and stay on for as long as you want them to. Since not every rental apartment allows nails on walls, this is a sure-fire way to turn heads!

Tip #4 Décor and Accessorize

Bring in some colorful plants, light a scented candle, paint pine cones and decorate the space with them, add comfy cushion covers on the couch, add colorful faux flowers.

These help you get rid of the damp odor. For humid monsoons, try to include as many plants as possible to cool the room while making it chic—try adding blinds.

Highlight a wall section with some DIY lamps or led fairy lights to bring in the Yule-tide as well as the warm tide! Add a zing to your coffee table by using colorful table mats that can also be used to eat dinner when guests are around.

Go to a thrift store and buy the most affordable stand-lamp you can find so you can make a statement to your guests when they enter your apartment or invest in a whacky stand fan to look cool while being cool.

We will repeat this for eternity- good lighting means it’s very striking! So add brighter lights in winter and dimmer ones in summer.


Tip #5 Beverage Station

We all know that autumn, marking the onset of winter, means sipping a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.

Instead of making coffee the same boring way, why not try setting up a little corner in the kitchen as a beverage station, full of colorful festive mugs, trays dedicated to your favorite coffee beans, marshmallows, and tea bags as well as a big fat jar of cocoa powder and an electric kettle?

For warmer weather, ditch the electric kettle for a blender, the coffee beans for Rooh Afza, or curd and make a slushie with lots of ice by whipping everything into the blender.


These cheap, renter-friendly but also innovative and exciting tips help you to turn your seasonal blues into the soft warm feeling we get from the winter sun, just like how easily your insurance company helps you winterize your rental apartment as well do the same for summer months when you only want to relax on your couch in the cool shadows.

We hope that you have fun in your cozy little nook, moisturized, hydrated, and away from the landlord’s wrath!

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