8 Activities To Try This Winter Season

Some animals may hibernate in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to. There are dozens of fun activities ideal for the colder months that you can enjoy on your own or with friends and family.

Check out these eight activities this winter season to beat your case of cabin fever.

Prepare for the weather

To fully enjoy the winter season, it helps to plan ahead. Remember, early winter is an expensive time of year because of the holidays. Think about what you want to accomplish and do for fun. Then shop Appalachian gear for the winter gear you need.

In addition, winterize your home. That way, you can spend your free time having fun rather than dealing with weather-related emergencies.

Build a snowman

Activities To Try This Winter Season

The first thing kids want to do when flakes start to fall is build a snowman. There’s no reason why adults can’t get in on the fun.

Start with a traditional snowman, which has three balls for the body. Once you’ve mastered one, you can make an entire snow-person family. Or get creative and build a snow fort. You can host an epic snowball fight if you make two of them.

Go snowshoeing

If you’re itching to go hiking in the spring, you should try snowshoeing now. This activity involves wearing special equipment on your feet that evenly distributes your weight. Snowshoes allow you to stay on the snowbank rather than fall through. That way, you can walk on a trail.

You might find that some of your favorite hiking trails are impassible in the winter, but that gives you the opportunity to explore trails you wouldn’t usually try. Look for shorter loop trails that are relatively flat. Check to make sure the trails are open before you head out.

Host a bake-off

Sometimes, it’s simply too cold or brutal to go outside. When that happens, get your family off their screens and into the kitchen for a baking day.

If you know bad weather’s coming, stock your kitchen with the essentials: flour, sugar, baking cocoa, eggs, and so on. Get out some kid-friendly recipes and start baking.

In the process, you can teach your kids the importance of cooking at home and spending quality time as a family. And, of course, you’ll all have delicious treats to eat.

Try ice skating

Try ice skating

Ice skating might look scary, but it’s a lot of fun. Many local ice rinks rent skates, so there’s no need to make an expensive purchase beforehand. They also likely offer egg crates and traffic cones for beginners to hold for balance.

Since it’s a winter activity, check if places near you offer outdoor skating. It’s a totally different experience, and it feels more festive. However, never skate on open ice. Falling through thin ice can be deadly.

Take a ski or snowboard lesson

You might be surprised to learn how many adults haven’t tried skiing or snowboarding and wish they could. That means there’s no need to be self-conscious.

Many ski resorts and mountains offer lessons for adult beginners. You could sign your entire family up for the season, and by spring, you’ll have a new activity you can all enjoy. Many places also offer introductory, one-time courses that teach you the basics.

If you’re already a seasoned skier or snowboarder, safely challenge yourself with more difficult trails than you conquered last winter, or try a new mountain. Don’t forget to indulge in a hot chocolate back at the lodge.

Make a roaring fire

There’s no reason why your backyard fire pit has to remain unused in the winter. In fact, there’s no more appropriate time to use it.

Before the first snowfall, gather plenty of kindling. You can buy wood from a home improvement store or grocery store whenever you want to build a fire.

Bundle up your family and friends and gather around the fire. Try to choose a clear night to enjoy the stars in the dark winter sky. Don’t forget the s’more ingredients, spooky stories, or whatever else makes campfires fun for you.

Complete an indoor home project

Complete an indoor home project

Winter is the perfect time to tackle a project you’ve meant to cross off your list. There are other benefits, too. For one thing, you’ll add value to your home. Some projects add more than others, so consider whether that’s your top priority.

Even if you don’t own your home, you can still take care of things. Clean your closet, organize your desk, or donate those clothes you’ll never wear again.

While you’re at it, why not get a jump on spring cleaning? When the weather finally warms up, the last thing you’ll want to do is stay inside and clean.

Before you go

As you can see, there’s no reason to dread winter boredom and no excuse for suffering from cabin fever. Try out these eight winter activities, and winter may become your favorite season.

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