7 Excellent Driveway Culvert Ideas

GripElements.com – The driveway is the face of your house since everyone entering your house should first pass the driveway. If you are planning to build a culvert in your driveway, then you need a brilliant way to hide the culvert from the sights of your guests. Here are some driveway culvert ideas for your driveway.

1. A Small Garden in The Driveway

how to put in driveway culvert

One unique way to hide the culvert in the driveway is by covering the culvert with a small garden. Wrap the culver with gardening soil and then plant some shrubs with shallow roots in this small garden. To make this small garden looks much more natural, consider adding some rocks here and there.

Pick some different plants for the small garden, some short plants, and some others are taller. They are going to create a gorgeous spot in your driveway.

2. A Bridge with Bushes

driveway entrance culvert ideas

Another best idea to hide the culvert in your driveway is by building a small bridge with stones around the culvert. And then add gardening soil on top of the bridge so that you can plant some bushes on the bridge. Grow bushes with flowers to add beauty to the face of your house.

Bushes that grow on the bridge will also hide the waterway from the sights of your guests. Your guests’ focus will be the colorful flowers.

3. Driveway Culvert Ideas: A Simple Stone Bridge

driveway culvert wall ideas

This idea is excellent if you are using stones for your driveway. For example, if you have stones and pebbles for the driveway, a simple rock bridge to hide the culvert will be a great idea.

If one day you want to add pants, potted plants on the bridge can be a simple solution to try.

4. Big Rocks and Small Rocks

driveway culvert design ideas

A combination of big rocks and small rocks will create a nice focal point. Those rocks are perfect to build a river in your culvert installation.

The culver is like a tunnel where the water comes from and then flows on the smaller rocks. The bigger rocks framing the tunnel be a great wall.

5. A Cute Little White Spot

driveway culvert retaining wall ideas

Create a thematic spot for the culvert in your driveway by picking a specific color to decorate the culvert. This one is using white to decorate the culvert.

White big rocks are framing the culvert and hide it from anyone’s sight. And then the white pebbles are decorating the ground above the white rocks.

If you want to plant something, pick flower plants with fresh colors like yellow, orange, or red to make the spot look more stunning.

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6. Hiding A Culvert with A Castle

culvert landscaping driveway culvert ideas

Some people are hiding their culverts by building a huge castles made of stones, pebbles, and desert plants. If you are being serious about hiding the culvert in your driveway, adopt this idea and build your castle. Some cacti will be a great focal point and make people focus on the plants instead of the culvert.

Ready to adopt some driveway culvert ideas above on your own driveway culvert? Be creative and you’ll create the most outstanding culvert concealer in your driveway.

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