5 Things You Don’t Realize that Cause an Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting

Have you ever heard your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting? It can be a sign of damage within the HVAC system. The problem seems to be worst when the AC keeps making loud noise during the entire duration.

Identify the problem immediately before it’s too late and you should spend a lot of money to repair or even buy a new one.

Loud Clanging and Banging

Try to clean the debris and dirt within the unit if you hear loud banging anytime starting the AC unit.

Check the fan if you still hear the sound after cleaning the debris. The sound may appear because of a loose fan that is hitting against the HVAC cage.

You should shut the unit off right away because keeping it working triggers further damage. The best solution you can do to remove the sound is by tightening the fan back in place.

Turn the unit on and ensure that the banging sound is completely gone.

Screeching Sound

Screeching sound is another issue when you have an AC unit. The sound is like metal grinding against metal.

Shut the unit off immediately if you hear this sound. It can be a sign that there is a serious problem with the fan motor bearings.

You would better not force the AC unit if the air conditioner makes loud noise when starting. It makes the problem even worse and you have to spend a lot of money to repair the unit. Replace the fan motor to solve this problem.

Call a professional AC technician to ensure what to do. This problem is not as urgent as when you hear clanging or banging sounds from the AC unit, but you still have to fix it for your comfort.

Clicking Sound

Some air conditioner owners also reported that they hear a clicking sound when turning on their AC unit.

They even get confused because the unit doesn’t work after the sound. The clicking sound from an AC unit is often caused by electrical problems.

You should check the thermostat, compressor, or capacitor once you hear a clicking sound.

You need help from an expert technician to fix the clicking sound on the AC unit. They will repair the problem based on the safety standard.

Dirty and Loose Coil Fins

Clean and straighten coil fins once you hear a noisy sound on the AC unit. The earlier you clean and straighten the coil fins the better to prevent further problems. That’s why you should clean your AC unit regularly.

Use a fin comb and a vacuum with a brush extension to clean all debris. Ensure that the debris doesn’t clog the AC unit too long. Debris affects the performance of your AC unit and even causes serious damage.

Loose Screws

Check the entire part of the AC unit when listening to a strange sound when turning it. It often happens after a few years due to the vibration of the unit.

Tighten all the loose screws and turn the unit on. Ensure that the sound is completely gone. Routine maintenance will prevent an air conditioner makes loud noise when starting.

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